Telecom and Networking

Mistral’s Product Engineering Services team offers hardware and software solutions in the Telecom and Networking domain, which consist of complete end-to-end solutions from ‘concept-to-deployment’ for broadband equipment, Radio Gateways, carrier ethernet and optical communication devices.Phone switch and telephones

Mistral’s Telecom and Networking team has decades of expertise in hardware, software and system development for a variety of applications which include:

  • Broadband Equipment Design
    • DSL
    • GPON-OLT Equipment
    • DSLAM
    • Internet Access Devices
  • Ethernet Equipment Design
    • Carrier Ethernet Switch
    • Gateway Devices
    • Internet Access Devices
  • VoIP Equipment
    • VoIP Gateway
    • Internet Access devices
    • IP – PBX
  • Optical Commn. Devices
    • GPON-OLT
    • OTN Equipment
    • DWDM

Mistral offers hardware and software design services in the entire Telecom and networking spectrum, ranging from customer premises side (Access and Aggregation Layer) to the core network equipment.   The core strength of the Telecom and Networking team lies in developing complete end-to-end solutions covering system architecting, hardware and software development. Mistral’s telecom and networking team has the expertise and skill sets in designing high-speed digital designs for line cards / switch blades. It also has a strong foundation in developing very high-speed systems running up to 10 Gbps on a single differential pair.   Another key strength is the teams’ expertise in developing firmware, HAL, system software and application software for various products. Mistral’s team also provides product enhancements services such as line card re-design, EOL support etc.   Mistral also offers FPGA design services as part of its offerings in the the Telecom vertical. It may include FPGA design and development, board validation etc.   Mistral’s offerings in the Telecom and Networking domain includes :

  • Protocol and Application Development
    • Network and Telecom Protocols (L2/L3 Switching, IPMI and Shelf Manager)
    • Telecom Applications (SNMP, TL1, OMCI etc)


  • Hardware and firmware development
    • Hardware software co-design
    • System partitioning between hardware, software and FPGA logic
    • Firmware and BSP (Drivers, Diagnostics, HAL)
    • Design for manufacturability
    • Independent verification and validation


  • Eco-system to handle concept to deployment
    • High-speed Board Design
    • FPGA / IP Cores
    • Mechanical Design and Fabrication
    • Compliance trials, certification testing
    • Production support with test jigs and suites
    • Enhancement and Product sustenance services

Skill Set:


Operating System

Languages and Tools

Telecom Control Panel

  • PowerPC (P2020, P2010, P1010)
  • ARM (TI OMAP, SA110, Atmel AT91RM9200)
  • Intel (I960, Core2 duo, Atom)

Network Processors

  • PMC Wintegra – Win Path 3 Access Packet Processor
  • Broadcom – Petra A, Petra B, BCM56745, etc
  • Intel IXP
  • Carrier Grade Linux (Montavista CGL4.0)
  • OpenSAF redundancy framework
  • Linux (Montavista, Wind River )
  • VxWorks
  • WinCE and Nucleus
  • C, C++, Assembly Level
  • Java
  • Perl, Javascript
  • UML
  • VHDL and Verilog
  • ARM, DSP and PowerPC development tools

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