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The Homeland Security Tech Brief, from Mistral Solutions, discusses technology trends, new products, best practices, and case studies in the field of Homeland Security. The objective is to stimulate discussion on recent developments in the Homeland Security industry, and gain fresh insights into the application of this technology.

Power Line Communication: Powering Video Surveillance Infrastructure

The choice between distance and bandwidth, for a given budget, is one users and vendors constantly battle over, when defining requirements and delivering solutions, in video surveillance projects. Users would like the highest resolution video feeds delivered at their consoles at a price-point of a low bandwidth pipe: an expectation vendors struggle to meet.

In fixed video surveillance infrastructure projects, vendors do have some breathing space; afforded by the ability to lay new wiring at will (in most cases). In the case of temporary video surveillance infrastructure (or fixed infrastructure where laying new cables is not possible), though, this breathing space is reduced by the operational constraints in laying cable. More...

Close-In Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft (CICADA) for Homeland Security

Follow us on Nope, this Tech. Brief is not about the insect (Tibicen plebia) and its use as a trained information-gatherer by homeland security agencies. Rather, this brief is a continuation to the January 2012 Tech. Brief – Drones: Potential Uses and Abuses in Homeland Security – which talked about the increasing use of drones for homeland security duties.

In the January 2012 brief, the concept of Micro Air-Vehicles (MAVs) was introduced. This brief will discuss a specific MAV design, which is low-cost and disposable. facebook twitter linkedin follow us on More...

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Useful Sensor-Delivery Products for Tactical Operations

In the event of a terror strike – a plane hijack or an assault on critical infrastructure – special operations forces are usually called in to counter and break the strike, should negotiations fail to achieve a peaceful resolution of the problem.

Special Ops. forces require detailed information about the target location and operating conditions at the location, prior to an operation, and this information is typically provided by sensors carried by specialized delivery platforms. Depending on the stand-off distance and the level of covertness, the choices available to the forces vary. More...

IP video management goes down the mobile road

Nov. 18, 2011 -- This week, Milestone Systems launched XProtect Mobile , a smartphone or tablet app that will become available for download on Dec. 1. The app lets security staff monitor their video surveillance cameras and recording systems no matter where they are, whether at home, on a foot patrol, in another building -- anywhere they can get service to their smartphones or tablets. It's part of a wave of change in the industry that frees video surveillance monitoring from the basement control rooms that are still the norm in our industry.

Milestone, of course, has been one of the most popular video management systems (VMS) for IP video surveillance, so to see the launch of a mobile app from them is a sign of the future. Certainly there were already movements in this direction. VMS competitors Genetec and Exacq had each launched their own mobile apps earlier this year. More...

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