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The Homeland Security Tech Brief, from Mistral Solutions, discusses technology trends, new products, best practices, and case studies in the field of Homeland Security. The objective is to stimulate discussion on recent developments in the Homeland Security industry, and gain fresh insights into the application of this technology.

Omni-Directional Reconnaissance (ODR) in Mobile C4ISR platforms

Omni-Directional Reconnaissance (ODR) systems consist of panoramic video cameras capable of producing high-resolution 360° images. The ODR system provides the operator with real-time omni-directional images of the vehicle’s surroundings, allowing the operator to obtain a comprehensive situational awareness or steering capabilities while remaining protected. The system can be easily integrated onto most vehicles and can interface with existing monitors and computers or be run as a standalone system. These systems can be mounted on a variety of vehicles including armored, anti-riot, security, reconnaissance, patrolling, and police. In this article, we talk about the ODR system and its advantages, when integrated with the Mobile C4ISR solution from Mistral. More...

Drones: Potential Uses and Abuses in Homeland Security

Follow us on The use of drones, whether for reconnaissance or for search-and-destroy missions, in military operations no longer raises eyebrows, thanks to their widespread use in the on-going conflict in Afghanistan; although the collateral damage caused by the latter category of missions still raises ethical concerns about accountability and culpability.

2011 saw the increasing use of drones by law-enforcement agencies (LEAs) for law and order activities, in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The year also saw the first steps being taken, by private organisations and groups, in the use of drones for reconnaissance and information-gathering purposes. This brief examines the implications of the use of drones, by LEAs and private parties, on Homeland Security. facebook twitter linkedin follow us on More...

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New Wireless Standards and Their Applications

Since the last update to the Wi-fi standard, IEEE 802.11n, and the buzz about Wimax (IEEE 802.16), there seems to have been a lull in the development of new standards in the wireless space; but this quietude is misleading. There is significant activity taking place with respect to the framing and finalizing new standards that allow mobile users to access multiple HD-quality video streams on their digital devices.

This brief will examine a few upcoming standards that offer the potential to allow the deployment of multi-megapixel video surveillance cameras on wireless networks. More...

Article on “Integrated C4ISR for Homeland Security” by Anees Ahmed

Security is critical, be it against terror attacks, pilferage of national resources or even domestic riots with damage to critical local infrastructure. Citizen and infrastructure protection is the most important security aspect for a country. In our country, this factor is further emphasized, given the increasing prominence for brand India in the global arena. India is also playing host to international events involving visiting government dignitaries and prominent international personalities; it is equally important that security systems be deployed effectively and efficiently allowing these events to proceed smoothly. More...

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