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The Homeland Security Tech Brief, from Mistral Solutions, discusses technology trends, new products, best practices, and case studies in the field of Homeland Security. The objective is to stimulate discussion on recent developments in the Homeland Security industry, and gain fresh insights into the application of this technology.

Backhaul options in India, for transmission of surveillance feeds

Access to surveillance data, outside the surveillance network, is an integral element of the security architecture of all Homeland Security implementations. The importance of widespread authorized access lies in the crucial role it plays in meeting the vital information needs of public safety officials (police officers, medical teams, dispatchers, etc.) during homeland security emergencies.

This article will provide a brief background on the current, popular, encryption standard, and types of encryption devices available in the market. More...

Surveillance-Sensor Delivery Platforms

In a Tech. Brief post in August 2010 – Niche Sensors and Their Applications – we discussed several types of niche surveillance sensors. It is not just important to have a range of surveillance sensors, to cover different types of surveillance requirements and surveillance situations; it is just as important to mate these sensors to delivery platforms that allow a user to extract the biggest quantum of useful surveillance information.

This post addresses the subject of surveillance sensor delivery platforms. More...

Redundancy in a Homeland Security Set-up

In a Tech. Brief post in February this year – Building Robust Wireless IP Surveillance Networks – we discussed ways to build a robust wireless IP surveillance network; one that would be resilient in the face of network failure, base station failure, and recorder failure.

This post looks at ways a user can go about building redundancy in Homeland Security implementations. More...

How storage virtualization bridges gap between budget and needs

A recent report by IMS Research found the video surveillance storage market is roughly $1.2 billion. This market is growing at more than 60 percent annually based on the facts that more cameras are being installed, higher resolution cameras are in demand and longer retention times are required

In this guest column, Pivot3's Lee Caswell discusses the concept of storage virtualization as compared to other storage models for video data. More...

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