Mobile Command Post (MCP)

Mobile command post for airports is a custom-built vehicle that is equipped with the necessary technology and infrastructure to serve as a emergency command center for airport authorities and emergency response teams. These vehicles are des...Read more

Mobile C4ISR Platforms

The growing cities, increasing urban population and complex infrastructures among others continue to bring in greater challenges to law enforcement agencies. With fewer resources, law enforcement agencies have to address a larger number of ...Read more

Surveillance-Sensor Delivery Platforms

Introduction In a Tech. Brief post in August 2010 – Niche Sensors and Their Applications – we discussed several types of niche surveillance sensors. It is not just important to have a range of surveillance sensors, to cover different...Read more

Redundancy in a Homeland Security Set-up

Introduction In a Tech. Brief post in February this year – Building Robust Wireless IP Surveillance Networks – we discussed ways to build a robust wireless IP surveillance network; one that would be resilient in the face of network f...Read more

Hands-free Display Systems for Tactical Operations

Introduction In a Tech. Brief post in October 2010 – Sensor Delivery Platforms – we briefly covered several methods of deploying sensors in an area-under-surveillance, and mentioned head/body-mounted cameras as one option. In this po...Read more

Explosives Trace Detectors for Homeland Security Applications

Introduction Last year (2010), around August, there was a news item about a few hundreds of tonnes of explosives going missing in transit between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Although mainly intended for use in mining, the explosives (gel...Read more

Connected Car Technologies

Introduction Today’s automotive electronics solutions are going through a major transition in terms of technology consolidation and hence we come across many new feature additions and integrations inside the car. This is helping the ex...Read more