Video Management System (VMS)

Complete integrated video solution for airborne and ground platforms. The VMS includes rugged displays, video distribution and recording equipment that is scalable, highly interoperable and easy to install and reconfigure.


A growing challenge for system integrators is getting the most effective use out of the proliferating number of deployed cameras and displays without adding weight and taking up space, in an already constrained environment. Device interoperability, harsh environmental conditions, and rigorous qualification testing add to this challenge. While the obstacles can be daunting, choosing the right video management solution can reduce risk, time to market, and program cost.

The Curtiss-Wright Video Management System (VMS) offers a complete, rugged integrated video solution for airborne and ground platforms. A VMS includes rugged displays, video distribution and recording equipment that is scalable, highly interoperable and easy to install and reconfigure.

The VMS fully integrates all mission video equipment, allowing the operator to display any video channel at any time on any display, have complete control over connected video recorders including live playback and changing the channel being recorded, touchscreen control over connected moving maps or PC equipment and also the ability to change channels going to any downlink/uplink equipment.

Displays with ever-increasing inputs, digital and analog switching, and recording equipment that can handle all of today’s image formats are absolutely necessary components of a modern Video Management System. High-quality format conversion that offers an image in the correct format required by a system, with minimal impact on the image quality, is also essential. In addition, high definition video recording is important for training, debrief or evidential purposes.

With a portfolio of building blocks that leverage decades of experience in rugged video system design and development, Curtiss-Wright’s video management products help you carry more, go further, and stay in the mission longer while reducing integration headaches between legacy and new video equipment. The use of off-the-shelf systems that have been pre-qualified to military standards of ruggedization, as well as working with a proven, trusted leader that can provide the necessary expertise to ensure system interoperability, significantly reduces time to market, risk, and program cost.

Designed for users of modern, multi-sensor systems typically used on an airborne or ground surveillance platform, a Curtiss-Wright VMS reduces cabling, redundant equipment, and operator overhead.

The Video Management System has been successfully fielded in a wide range of demanding applications, including SAR and border patrol operations. In the UK, London’s Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit relies on the VMS. In Australia, airborne surveillance units deploy the VMS on both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. The Curtiss Wright Video Management System for airborne applications is considered to be an ideal solution for Swap Constraint Applications.


  • Simplifies video distribution in complex aircraft mission fits
  • Enables any display to call up any video or multiple video inputs
  • Quad-view shows up to 4 inputs simultaneously
  • Display can control video recorders
  • Display can select which video (including quad-view) is sent to the microwave transmitter
  • Touch screen interface