An ADSP-21060 SHARC based 6U VME card with two 65 MSPS ADCs at the front, the VME-ADC is an extremely powerful data acquisition platform,for large-bandwidth applications

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Mistral’s VME-ADC board is a high-speed data acquisition system for large bandwidth applications. It is a 6U VME card with two 65 MSPS ADCs at the front supported by an ADSP-21060 SHARC processor. It supports either an external or internal sampling clock and the external interfaces are terminated on the front panel through SMB connectors.

The VME-ADC board supports dynamic DC-offset control of analog channels, and FIFO for the temporary storage of data. The onboard processor is supported by a local BOOT FLASH and, hence, can work in a standalone mode with no dependency on the VME bus. All the 6 link ports of the DSP are terminated on a high-density 120-pin connector.

The Board Support Firmware provides the user with options to carry out self-test and configure other programmable options on the board. This VME based dual-channel high-speed data acquisition system can be used along with Mistral’s V12S: a high-end signal processing platform
with 12 Analog Devices ADSP-21160 SHARC processors.


  • Analog Devices ADSP 21060 SHARC ® DSP
  • Total performance of 120 MFLOPS
  • VME64 slave interface
  • VME64 external buses
  • External DSP JTAG interface on front panel
  • Locked header on front panel for link-port connectivity
  • 4 Mbits Flash memory
  • 4096×36-bit FIFO
  • 200 Kgates SPARTAN 2 FPGA
  • RS232 interface on P2 connector for off-board connectivity
  • Operating temperature range: – 20ºC to +55ºC
  • Dynamic DC-offset control
  • Two independent analog channels
  • 12 RS-422 based Differential Inputs at P2 Connector.