Wind River Helix Chassis

Simplifies building of next generation of intelligent, connected vehicles by providing comprehensive cloud-based connectivity, foundation for security, and modular flexibility.


Wind River Helix Chassis brings together software, technologies, tools, and services to unify and simplify how auto manufacturers build the next generation of intelligent, connected vehicles.

Connected, intelligent vehicles hold great promise, but the increasing complexities of developing, integrating, and managing a growing number of software systems are proving a major limitation to innovation and profitability for car manufacturers.

Wind River® Helix™ Chassis provides the comprehensive cloud-based connectivity, foundation for security, and modular flexibility required to integrate systems within intelligent vehicles and connect them to external networks of devices and data.

Helix Chassis comprises Wind River Helix Drive, Wind River Helix CarSync, and Wind River Helix Cockpit. Together these products provide a software framework for the connected and autonomous car.


  • Enables you to quickly build highly secure and reliable controls and systems for automotive safety-critical applications
  • Safely consolidates applications onto a single hardware platform
  • Prevents risks from malicious code through secure boot and other layered security features
  • Eliminates vehicle software recalls and associated warranty costs
  • Accelerates the delivery of vehicle application upgrades and critical bug fixes
  • Maintains the integrity of embedded systems for the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Reduces overall development costs, minimizes project risks, and shortens project timelines
  • Leverages leading-edge open source innovations
  • Provides a comprehensive build system and development tools