Homeland Security Products

Mistral offers state-of-the-art security and technology solutions that enhances the nation’s capabilities in countering modern day security threats. Mistral provides leading homeland security solutions, products and system integration services which includes the design and engineering of command and control systems for the protection of all strategic assets of our country.

Mistral has partnered with several global technology leaders to provide custom design and integrated solutions in the homeland security domain.

Our range of product offerings includes:

visVideo Invg. SW 
Review a 24-hour video footage in less than 30 minutes
RDCRadio Dispatch 
Solutions for comprehensive communications and interoperability
wlBody Worn Cameras 
Non-line-of-sight operations in challenging environments.
drnDrone Detection 
Detect and classify drones regardless of trajectory or background noise.
AerostatAerial Surveillance 
Tactical surveillance applications for public safety, police and military.
Tethered DroneTethered Drone 
Enables long duration operation and long distance Communications.
glassAR Glasses 
Powerful platform with ultra-transparent HD -3D stereoscopic displays.
redioAdhoc Mesh Radio 
Solution for dynamic, self-forming and self-healing network



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