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With 20+ years of experience in board and system design in the aerospace and defense domain, Mistral’s team is well equipped to provide build to print services to Defense R&D  labs, sub-contractors and OEMs helping them take their design to production. Mistral’s build to print services for defense production include testing and validation, build to print, qualification and onsite deployment for defense electronics sub-systems and hardware boards.

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Mistral has the capabilities and infrastructure to provide built to print services for defense production based on customer-supplied designs. Mistral has a strong vendor eco-system of build to print services from fabrication, assembly, mechanical, cabling and system integration for manufacturing defense, aerospace and industrial sub-systems. By leveraging these relationships, Mistral can support the production of systems, both large and small, by competent, qualified professionals.

Experienced in the design, manufacture and deployment of rugged and mission-critical assemblies and sub-systems, Mistral with its skilled defense production partners; effectively manages small or large volume defense production and build to print; quickly responding to tight turnaround requirements while maintaining cost objectives. Mistral’s Defense Production team also provides BoM optimization, Component Engineering, test-jigs and other production support services to help the contract manufacturers achieve maximum yield during defense production.

Mistral’s build to print services for defense production includes:

  • Firmware updates
  • Test-jig development and manufacturing software development
  • Component procurement
  • System integration
  • Software upgrades/enhancement
  • Verification and Validation
  • System deployment
  • HW Qualification & ESS (Environmental Stress Screening)
  • Maintenance support

A build to print project management process for defense production with consistent milestone scheduling, tracking and escalation procedure is used for all projects. Mistral’s defense production team holds regular reviews with customer and partners providing regular status updates till the completion of the build to print activity. Mistral’s engineers and specialists also participate with the customer in value engineering to further reduce product and manufacturing cost.

Some of the key benefits of Mistral’s build to print services for defense production and defense offset include:

  • Cost-effective end-to-end solutions
  • Design and Engineering Support in various disciplines like RF, Digital, Analog  DO certified SW
  • Well-defined QA process
  • Reliability testing and Qualification
  • Global infrastructure and ISO-certified Facilities

Avalon Technologies (Part of the Sienna Group), a leading Electronic Manufacturing Service solutions company, is a Strategic Defense Production Partner for Mistral.

Mistral and Avalon work together to support customers, providing them a seamless system Design to Defense Production experience. Avalon’s high-tech capabilities in Printed Circuit Assemblies (PCBA), Custom Cable & Wire harnesses, Metals, Plastics and Magnetics complements Mistral’s expertise in embedded product engineering expertise, specifically in the defense and aerospace domain enabling us to provide customers a single stop solution for their defense product design & system engineering needs.

This partnership is very significant for Mistral to cater to Build-to-Spec and Build-to-Print needs of our customers’ Defense Production and Defense Offset requirements.

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