Software Development

Embedded software is driving modern defense electronics arising from a need for advanced operational capabilities. Modern day systems need continuous improvement to stay current, and these advanced capabilities are increasingly being enabled using sophisticated algorithms and software architectures. Mistral’s software team is equipped to handle the challenging software requirements of state-of-the-art aerospace and defense applications. The team’s expertise encapsulates the gamut of system software development services including low-level software (assembly language), Firmware, Device Drivers, Board Support Packages to Middleware and Embedded Application Development for different hardware architectures and RTOS environments.

Mistral’s software development capabilities for Defense applications include specialized skills and approach keeping in mind the tight schedules, complex environments and detailed specifications conforming to DO-178B standards.

Software Development



Mistral’s system software expertise is optimized over a wide range of popular RTOS platforms and proprietary micro-kernels specifically suited for aerospace and defense applications. Some of the RTOS platforms Mistral’s team has worked on include

RTOS/Kernel VxWorks, Real-time Linux, LynxOS, Integrity, Velocity
Proprietary Kernel VDK, DSP-BIOS


  • RTOS abstraction
  • Board Bring up and verification
  • Boot loader porting and hardening
  • Minimum Kernel/OAL Support
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • FPGA/CPLD based digital logic designs and IP cores

BSP and Drivers

Mistral offers Board Support Package and Device Driver Development services on various leading platforms and processors.  The BSP development team at Mistral has vast expertise in device driver development for various I/O devices, porting of operating systems for various embedded devices and integration of several peripherals such as audio, video, storage, connectivity, buses, wireless, UI and others.


  • Design and Implementation of HAL
  • APIs for non-standard peripherals
  • Customization and enhancements to middleware
  • Customizing of  media, display, overlay, storage and HMI framework
  • Client server/based Application
  • Implementation and integration of DSP algorithms

Application Development and HMI

Mistral’s software development team has extensive experience in developing software applications for defense solutions to provide user interface and communication, command and control functionality to the system. Mistral’s expertise includes applications for RADAR, SONAR, signal intelligence/electronic warfare (SIGINT/EW) and Telemetry.

Software Development Profile

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Software Development

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Software Development

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Software Development

Embedded Applications & HMI

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