Critical Infrastructure Protection

Protection of critical infrastructure like electric power plants, oil refineries, dams, reservoirs etc. are essential for homeland security as they form the backbone of a country. In addition to these, there are key establishments like government offices and industries, Technology parks, heritage and religious sites, all of which are economic and social assets of a country and any harm to these could significantly affect the functioning of the country.Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP): Critical Infrastructure Protection for homeland security

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) is the term used to refer to the systems and processes implemented to ensure that designated critical assets are protected from actions intended to curtail, seriously disrupt, or altogether prevent their functioning. Mistral’s Critical Infrastructure Protection solutions integrate and manage all resources vital to the protection of these assets. These Critical Infrastructure Protection solutions can be deployed by State Police, CRPF, CISF, Coast Guard and RAF for securing disputed religious sites, sensitive Government offices, Sea-ports, Oil Refineries & Pipelines, Nuclear Power Plants, Mines, etc.

Organisations looking into ensuring the safety and non-interrupted functioning of their critical infrastructure will benefit enormously from implementing a CIP solution. Mistral’s Critical Infrastructure Protection solution for Homeland Security needs in India are targeted at organizations requiring real-time monitoring and control of their critical infrastructure.

Mistral’s Critical Infrastructure Protection solutions include:

  • Common Operational Picture (COP) surveillance and emergency response system for the Critical Infrastructure identified
    • 3rd party sensor integration
    • GIS representation of sensor units
    • Radio Dispatch Consoles – Integrates communication between various communication devices like land line, VHF, UHF, VoIP, Satellite, GSM etc.
  • Video Analytics
  • Video Synopsis Software for quick post incident analysis
  • Speed enforcement RADAR and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras
  • Dual CCD Thermal long-range cameras
  • Generate reports and statistical data


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