Webinar – An Insight into mmWave RADAR Technology and Product Design

Mistral invites you to a webinar on mmWave Radar Technology.

Date & Time:

  • Tuesday, 19th November, 8:00 AM, PST (9:30 PM, IST)
  • Wednesday, 20th November, 10.00 AM, CET (2:30 PM, IST)



Millimetre-wave RADAR is an extremely valuable sensing technology ideal for the detection and providing information on range, velocity and angle of objects. mmWave RADAR is a trending technology especially in the Automotive & Industrial domain to enable intelligent and autonomous decision making at the edge! There is an immense need in the market for solutions to count, track and monitor people without compromising on their privacy. mmWave RADARs is ideally suited to address these needs. This webinar aims at providing a complete insight into mmWave RADAR based product design.


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