Drone Detection and Classification System

Drone Detection and Classification System help organizations detect and classify drones using passive high definition optic sensors with powerful video analytics engine to detect and classify potential drone threats.


The Drone Detection and Classification system available from Mistral helps organisations simultaneously detect multiple drones regardless of trajectory or background noise. The operator is continuously updated and alerted to drone activity and presented with information about the type of drone and corresponding flight path.

Moving objects in the background such as birds, vehicles and people are filtered out to allow an operator to focus only on potential threats by minimizing false alarms. All video and analytics derived meta data is stored for evidence gathering.

The option of integrating thermal cameras with the system ensures that the detection and classification of drones is as reliable at night or day.


  • Powerful Optic Based UAV Detection
  • Passive System
  • Detection and Classification
  • Over 1km Detection Range
  • Powerful Video Analytics
  • Easily Expandable
  • Integration with Drone Elimination Systems