Falcon RAAD - Armed Drone

Powerful and efficient Armed Drone with Machine Gun and Drone with Grenade Launcher that provide superior war-field intelligence and air dominance for military and special forces.

Falcon Rapid Action Armed Drone

The Falcon RAAD from Mistral is a high-performance, super-efficient Rapid Action Armed Drone that serve as a force multiplier in small arms conflicts. The Falcon Weaponized Drone is capable of performing critical tasks during security operations conducted by military and special forces. The Combat Drone is available in two configurations – Drone with Machine Gun and Drone with Grenade Launcher.

The Falcon Armed Drone features an ergonomic and user-friendly system design, easily transportable in small SUV or trucks. A special purpose combat drone, the Falcon Armed Drone can be deployed in minutes and can operate in harsh terrain conflict zones within a mission radius of up to 3 km. The Armed Drone has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 45 kg and can reach an altitude of up to 1000 feet AGL and up to 9800 feet above MSL. The combat drone is compatible with the GPS and GLONASS navigation systems to get around.

The FALCON combat drone can be set up to operate in autonomous, or manual flight control modes. The Armed Drone is equipped with advanced features such as auto return home in case of link-loss or critical battery level. The user can plan and define route on the map for autonomous operations and change missions during flight.

Falcon Armed Drone with Machine Gun

The Mistral Falcon Armed drone with machine gun, equipped with a 45mm NATO ammunition Assault Rifle, is a high-performance combat drone with a gun stabilization system. The weaponized drone is designed to support multiple Rounds Magazine with recoil absorption and target calibration. The Falcon drone with machine gun is designed to trigger firing in single and burst modes and allows quick Magazine swap or reload. It supports wide angle Gun movement on the elevation axis. FALCON Combat Drone with machine gun is installed with a Day-Tv Barrel Camera with 10x optical zoom, which is capable of transmitting video and images in real-time. The machine gun is equipped with recoil absorption and target calibration. The Falcon drone with machine gun can perform fully autonomous missions with multi-layered safety, requiring final consent from the operator for firing. The ammunition can be quickly changed and reloaded by the operator for an uninterrupted mission.

Falcon Armed Drone with Grenade Launcher

The Mistral Falcon Drone with Grenade Launcher is a specially designed drone with an effective grenade launch range of 400-450 meters. The Drone with Grenade Launcher supports various ammunitions such as Thermobaric, Smoke and Lightning, among others. The combat drone system supports wide angle launcher movement on the elevation axis with high precision, making it one of the most lethal platforms in small arm conflicts. Mistral Falcon Drone with Grenade Launcher can conduct fully autonomous missions with multi-layer safety, requiring final consent from the user for firing.

Falcon Weaponized Drone – GCS

The ergonomic design of the Falcon Weaponized Drone – Ground Control Station ensures easy portability and provides maximum usability to the operator on field. The GCS record and displays video streams, flight telemetry data and drone flight positions on the moving map. The Weaponized Drone operator can start/stop the video recording and select and display a recorded video from previous records for post-mission analysis. Mistral Falcon Weaponized Drone comes with two Ground Control Stations with single or dual-screens, enabling two operators to work simultaneously. One can be used for piloting the drone and the second for operating the gun efficiently. The operators can select the respective camera input in the GCS; while the pilot can select the video streamed from the 3600 birds-eye-view cameras, the gun operator can view the visuals from the optical camera mounted on the gun for precise target viewing and firing!

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  • Rugged Drone with Advanced Recoil Stabilization System (ARSS)
  • Armed Drone with Day/Night operational modes
  • Operational range: 3 KM radius
  • Max Take-off Weight (MTOW): 45 KG
  • 20-25 minutes for assault rifle of operation on single charge
  • Quick swap of payload
  • Independent cameras for target and flight operations
  • Max Operating altitude of up to 1000 feet AGL and up to 9800 feet above MSL
  • Manual and Autonomous flight according to planned route/mission (GPS/GLONASS)
  • Flight / telemetry data recording
  • Firing on operator consent
  • Complies with the IP67 standard
  • Real-time video and telemetry data transfer
  • Auto Return Home in case of link-loss or critical battery level
  • Dimensions: Width: 145 cm; Height: 70 cm