Stealth Drone

Invisible and Inaudible military-grade Stealth Drone designed for Cross-border Surveillance that offers unprecedented aerial surveillance capabilities and situational awareness in all weather conditions.

Stealth Drone

Mistral Stealth Drone is an ultra-compact UAV that offers unprecedented aerial surveillance capabilities and situational awareness in all weather conditions. The Stealth Drone is capable of evading Radars and thwart human detection. With advanced technologies that reduce the reflection and emission of infrared, visible light, radio frequency spectrum and audio waves, the ultra-compact aerial reconnaissance system gives field operators trusted eyes in the sky. With uncompromising build quality and engineering, Mistral Stealth Drone is designed to to meet the demanding needs of mission critical operations.

The Stealth Drone is a rugged, secure, compact, foldable, and easy-to-use ISR drone that fits comfortably into a backpack or military bag. The modular design and superior build quality make it ideal for a range of mission-critical operations. The Mistral Stealth comes with advanced EO/IR Cameras with 3-axis stabilization, 48x combined zoom, 4K EO & 320p thermal, 0.01 lx low light capabilities. With 50 minutes of flight time and 48x zoom visual and thermal cameras Mistral Stealth Drone is one of most efficient ISR drone currently in market. The Stealth Drone offers exceptional flight capabilities of up to 50 minutes continuous flight and a flight range of up to 45 km. The ultra-compact Stealth Drone is AES-256 encryption enabled, NDAA compliant, IP-53 in flight and can handle 40 knot winds.

Mistral Stealth Drone offers two rotor set options – Reconnaissance and Shrouded to accommodate all types of indoor and outdoor use cases.

Mistral Stealth Drone – Ground Control Station

The Ground Control System of Mistral Stealth provides field operators with a secure, easily portable control solution. Built for rugged field performance, the GCS comprises a daylight viewable screen, a rugged and lightweight enclosure that provides a four-hour battery life. The system is secured using AES-256 data and communication encryption, NDAA compliant supply chain, and Air Force ATO certification.


  • Flight time - Recon Rotor Set: 50 minutes
  • Flight time - Shrouded Rotor Set: 32 minutes
  • Stealth: <37 dB at 25m range
  • Visibility: not visible beyond a distance of 100m
  • Operational Range: 5 km
  • Autonomous Flight range: 45 km
  • Swappable rotor set options
  • Drone route planning
  • Auto mapping with geotags
  • Position control sensors: Redundant GNS, GNSS, VIO, and Optical Flow for Position Control Indoors and Outdoors
  • Collision Avoidance: Downward Facing Sonar, Front and Rear Avoidance
  • GPS-denied flight: Capable with VIO and Optical Flow
  • Flight and telemetry data recording
  • AES-256 data and communications encryption
  • Auto Return Home in case of link-loss & Low battery
  • All weather operation