Automated Thermal Screening

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in unprecedented situations and is expected to make a long-term impact across the globe. As governments mandate screening of people to track the body temperature; enforcement agencies are confronted with this massive challenge.


Given its extensive spread and threat to the economy, COVID-19 calls for new strategies to effectively fight it. As the world slowly accepts the fact that people need to learn to live with Coronavirus, more and more people are now stepping out for their personal and professional needs. This poses a great challenge to governments and enforcement agencies in effectively monitoring and controlling the situation. As per the Ministry of Home Affairs guidelines under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, thermal screening is mandatory at entry and exit of establishments. But, does the existing people screening mechanisms enable enforcement agencies to efficiently tackle the situation.

Agencies and establishments need to re-evaluate the existing screening methodologies and their effectiveness considering the large mass of people expected in Public places like Malls, Railway Stations, Airports, Large Organisations, etc. The traditional methods of screening are mostly man-managed and have their own limitations. The law enforcement agencies have to adopt more reliable and faster solutions to manage this situation. Mistral has always been a trustworthy partner offering cutting-edge solutions to Homeland security agencies for over two decades.

Mistral‘s Automated Thermal Screening (ATS) System is an Artificial Intelligence enabled mass people screening solution for establishments where a high footfall is expected, viz. Malls, Railway Stations, Bus Stations, Airports, Public/private Organisations, etc. The ATS System offers various benefits over traditional thermal systems. The automated system effectively reduces manpower requirement and close contact among people. The ATS System offers faster people detection and temperature measurement and generates real-time, accurate data for active monitoring and quick decision making. Automated Thermal Screening System can perform simultaneous temperature screening of multiple people with an accuracy of ±0.5℃.

The system consists of a Wall-mounted Thermographic Bullet Camera, a bi-spectrum Image fusion Camera with AI-based human body detection and can screen multiple targets at the same time and an 8-Channel NVR with PoE Switch. The video feed from the cameras will be recorded in an 8-Channel Network Video Recorder installed with the Centralized Management software for the CCTV. In addition, customers can opt for a Black Body Calibrator for higher accuracy. This is a calibration device that can set the temperature value and is a standard temperature source. The thermal camera is calibrated based on the temperature of the black body, thereby improving the accuracy of the Temperature Screening System.


Automated Thermal Screening

ATS System

Automated temperature screening with an accuracy of ±0.5℃

Continuous monitoring with very low error status

Detection of up to 30 people at a time

Temperature measurement range of 86°F – 113°F

AI-enabled detection system

Detection and screening from 0.8 to 9 meters

Black Body Calibrator (Optional)

Real-time alarms

Effectively reduces manpower

Generates real-time data and analytics

Centralised data management

Automated Thermal Screening

Thermographic Bullet Camera

Bi-spectrum Image fusion camera

AI-based human body detection

Screens multiple targets at the same time

Supports 4MP resolution

Self-calibration technology

Wall-mount / Tripod-mount

Automated Thermal Screening

NVR with PoE Switch

8-Channel NVR

Real-time recording of video feeds

Enables Remote management


Automated Thermal Screening

Safe City

Automated Thermal Screening


Automated Thermal Screening

Railway Stations

Automated Thermal Screening

Bus Hubs

Automated Thermal Screening

Shopping Malls

Automated Thermal Screening

Government Institutions


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