High Density Interconnect PCB (HDI)

A High Density Interconnect PCB has a higher wiring density per unit area than conventional PCB and are utilized in complex small form factor designs.  High Density Interconnect PCB (HDI PCB) helps reduce size and weight, as well as enhances electrical performance of a device.

Mistral’s team has extensive experience in offering designing High Density Interconnect PCB using techniques like microvias, blind and buried vias, fine lines and spaces, sequential lamination, via-in-pad technology based techniques for innovative, next generation products.
HDI  PCB, High Density Interconnect PCB
Mistral’s expertise in High Density Interconnect PCB designs include:

  • Selection of design techniques for High Density Interconnect PCB (HDI PCB)  based on:
    • Size – Small form factor, portable devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, wearable gadgets
    • Performance – products requiring increased speed of processing and communication, at high frequencies in telecom, defense and aerospace applications
    • Components – meeting the board/PCB constraint of providing more pinouts in a smaller footprint
  • Innovative design methods in Fine Pitch Micro BGA designs
    • Managed up to 0.37mm BGA pitch designs with 2 mil/ 2mil track/spacings
  • HDI PCB with stacked and staggered micro-vias
  • Board level, System level Signal IntegrityI, EMI/EMC & Thermal analysis
  • Signal performance analysis for Reflections, Timing, BER, EYE opening
  • DC drop analysis in power supply rails due to copper losses.
  • Handling the power integrity impact while designing using High Density Interconnect PCBs
    • Includes effects of mounted inductances of decoupling capacitors, changes in plane performance due to reduction in perforation from chip pin-outs, and the inherent plane-capacitance changes from using dielectrics of various thicknesses



To know more about expertise in High Density Interconnect PCBs, email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

High Density Interconnect PCB (HDI PCB): High Density Interconnect PCB Design (HDI PCB) email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com



High Density Interconnect PCB (HDI PCB): High Density Interconnect PCB Design (HDI PCB)

PCB Layout and Analysis

Complex High Density Interconnect PCB (HDI PCB) Designs for multi-processor and multi-layer boards


High Density Interconnect PCB (HDI PCB): High Density Interconnect PCB Design (HDI PCB)

Small Form-factor Designs

Compact High Density Interconenct PCB (HDI PCB) designs for next-generation embedded devices

Case Study

Industrial and Rugged Designs: Embedded industrial and rugged designs, industrial designs, rugged designs

High Definition, Rugged Digital Video Recorder

hdi pcb design for rugged UAV mounted camera with airborne transmitter and ground station based receiver


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