Mixed Signal and RF Designs
Mixed Signal and RF Designs

Present day devices, specifically in the Consumer electronics space, consist of large analog/mixed-signal components as well as multiple RF interfaces, making the three heavily intertwined. RF design integration is the single biggest challenge for SoC as well as board designers.

Mistral’s hardware design team has extensive expertise in providing Mixed signal and RF Design solutions, for a wide variety of applications. Mistral’s expert team of engineers focuses on delivering complex, best in class RF and Mixed-signal board designs, Custom Analog Design, Integration, Testing, Implementation and Validation services. Mistral’s engineering team has rich experience and proven expertise in designing mixed signal solutions like power management modules, RF radio, LVDS signaling, ADC/DAC converters, etc. down to 20nm processes. The engineering team provides end-to-end services from designing, layout/mask design, verification to production support and product sustenance.Mistral’s Mixed Signal and RF designs have helped product companies significantly reduce cost and overall design risk, while accelerating time-to-revenue.


Mistral has designed and developed Mixed Signal and RF based solutions for several applications including automotive, avionics, and industrial and consumer products meeting the very high performance, low power consumption, reduced size and cost requirements for these devices.


Mistral’s Mixed Signal and RF Designs technique include:

  • RF Transmission
  • Signal Isolation
  • Ground Split
  • Special Consideration on Vias and Ground Layers
  • Power Routing and Decoupling
  • Selection of Decoupling or Bypass Capacitors
  • Bypass Capacitor Layout Considerations
  • Grounding of Shunt Connected Components


Mistral’s expertise in Mixed Signal and RF designs include:

  • Low Power Designs
  • Specialized I/Os
  • Digital designs with Analog front-end
  • ADCs and DACs
  • Filter Design
  • HDL and Analog Verification


Some of Mistral’s mixed Signal and RF designs include:

  • Analog front end design for power grid
  • Video Telemetry Designs for UAVs
  • Headset computer with Virtual Display
  • E-book Reader with e-ink Display
  • Portable Barcode scanner for the visually impaired
To know more about Mistral’s Mixed Signal and RF Design Expertise, email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

Mixed Signal and RF Designs email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com


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Mixed Signal and RF Designs

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Mixed Signal and RF Designs

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