Wireless Expertise

Mistral has extensive experience in designing wireless modules and integration of wireless modules to enable wireless functionality for a wide variety of products and applications, like Wearable Electronics, Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Infotainment, Medical Electronics, Assistive Technology and Aerospace and Defense.

Wireless Designs, Wireless Expertise, Wireless Module DesignsFrom your personal and wearable electronics, devices at home, vehicles, to business systems and community networks, more  and more devices becoming embedded with wireless, sensors and gaining the ability to communicate with each other.  All these are slowly being connected with each other via the ubiquitous IP address, forming an information network, called the Internet of Things.

With years of expertise in designing wireless devices, Mistral can help customers with wireless module designs based on wireless SoCs available from leading silicon manufacturers like TI, Murata, STM, LSR among others.Mistral’s team of experienced engineers can integrate emerging wireless technologies into your existing designs as well as architect new wireless based products from the ground up. Mistral’s expertise in wireless module designs can convert interesting ideas to products that are connected to “the Internet of things” using 802.11, WPAN, 802.11, Bluetooth, NFC, RF or a custom link.


Mistral’s wireless design expertise includes wireless integration and wireless module designs for:

  • IEEE 802.15 and WPAN (Bluetooth) , Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • NFC (Near field communication)
  • ZigBee, Z wave
  • Wireless LAN and Wi-Max integration for embedded applications
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication
  • Wireless Base Stations (CDMA, GSM)
  • FM design (including HF, VHF, and UHF)
  • GPS
  • RF
  • Custom modems


Listed below are some of the successful wireless module designs executed by Mistral:

  • Video Telemetry Designs for UAVs using custom modems
  • Headset computer with Virtual Display with Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Portable Scanner for Visually impaired with WiFi
  • Small form-factor GPS module
  • ZigBee based controller for universal remote
  • IR dongle



To know more about Mistral's expertise in Wireless module designs and wireless design expertise, email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

wireless Design Expertise, Wireless Module Designs email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com


Case Study

Wireless Video Surveillance Solution

Wireless video surveillance solution, based on the 802.11n WLAN technology.


Wireless LAN on AM437x POM

This video demonstrates Wireless LAN working on Mistral's AM437x Product-on-Module board running Android KitKat


wireless Design Expertise, Wireless Module Designs

Mixed Signal Designs

Best in class RF and Mixed-signal board designs for embedded applications


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