Apple Device Integration (MFi Designs)

With over 15+ years of experience in embedded design, Mistral leverages its experience in product engineering by offering customers Apple Device Integration expertise to develop world class products that interface with the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Our MFi designs and iOS Application Development are shipping in markets all over the world.

Apple Device Integration (MFi Designs): iOS Application DevelopmentMistral is a MFi Design Partner (MFI Adjunct member) and can design and develop hardware or software for an MFi Licensee to use in connection with Apple Products. As an MFi Design Partner, Mistral has access to hardware components and up-to-date technical specifications released by Apple for development of Apple accessory devices. Mistral provides Apple Device Integration and iOS Application development services to customers wanting MFi design expertise in prototype quantities. Typically, customers need to apply for and get MFi membership before Mistral can help them with their MFi designs. Mistral has worked with Tier 1 vendors helping them integrate the iPod and iPhone into their standard product offerings.

The popularity and uniqueness of the Apple® platforms, makes Apple Device Integration and related technologies (MFi, iAP, HID class drivers etc.) not just a differentiator, but of vital importance to product developers intending to bring out devices in the consumer electronics and infotainment space. MFi or Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad is a licensing program to design and develop electronic accessories that connect to the iPod, iPhone and iPad. These accessories are designed and certified to meet the Apple performance standards. As an MFi Design Partner, Mistral also offers iOS application development services to help customers planning to build iOS based/compatible devices.

Mistral can help customers in development of hardware that interface to the iPod/iPhone/iPad, related software integration and working with non-OS/micro-kernel devices to integrate communication with Apple devices. Mistral’s services for Apple Device Integration and iOS Application Development include:


Hardware Design

  • Apple MFi design authentication standards compliance
  • Audio accessories based on LAM module over lightning connector
    • Authentication + Audio in/out
    • Data sync + power banking
  • Design optimization to match iPhone’s power budget
    • Low power consumption (< 50mA)
    • Self powered accessory design to match iPhone’s battery life
  • Accessory design meeting Apple’s form factor and component placement guidelines
    • Minimum interference to Apple device from RF and audio in/out of accessory device
    • Choice and placement of buttons for better usability
  • Accessories designed for
    • Audio enhancement
    • Data sync and Wi-Fi access point
    • Power banking

iOS Application Development

  • Custom iOS app development for iPhone and iPad using Objective C and Swift in X Code
  • iOS Application development for Apple accessories
  • iOS 8.x Support
  • Support for Core Bluetooth (BLE), Core Data and Address book
  • iOS Application Porting, Maintenance, Deployment and Release management
  • iOS App development
    • For Social media integration
    • Using Cloud/Web Services
    • Using sensors, location and Media
    • Application Porting
    • Using chart




Software Stack Integration

  • Integration of
    • iPod authentication code for Apple Authentication co-processor
    • iAP stack to support MFi Accessory specification R46
    • iAP2 Stack
    • iPod Browsing/playback support with iAP stack
  • HID and Audio class driver development for existing USB host controller
  • Modification of USB code to support iPod audio streaming
  • Airplay Support
  • Supporting OEMs with “Apple certification” for end product
  • Development of complete reusable test suite to validate iAP stack functionalities
    • Connectivity and Authentication
    • Playback at different bit rates and file formats
    • Play control functionalities and browsing
    • Accessing metadata
    • Interoperability test
    • Long haul test, Field test/Production test
    • Automated/Manual tests

Apple Homekit Experience

  • Apple’s HomeKit is a framework for iOS8 and above which allows users to:
    • Communicate & control connected accessories in Home environment
    • Configure and create actions to control these devices
    • Mistral part of Apple MFi/AirPlay/HomeKit Partner Ecosystem:
      • Provides Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Technical Support
      • Helps customers build end products and integrate with TI HomeKit SDK


MFi Designs: Apple Device Integration, Mfi Design Partner, iOS Application Development

Apple Home Kit

MFi Designs: Apple Device Integration, Mfi Design Partner, iOS Application Development

Apple Device Integration

Some of the Apple Device Integration and  iOS Application Development projects done by Mistral are listed below:

  • Accessory hardware design with CSR BT module and software stack integration as part of an assistive hearing solution for iPhone aimed at people with impaired hearing.
  • Hardware, mechanical design, Software drivers and complete iOS application development for an accessory device to augment iPhone with WiFi routing capability.
  • Implementation of multimedia functionality (playback/browsing) from CD/USB/iPod and MTP devices for a car infotainment systems based on BBF527 and BF549 running GHS VelOSity
  • Implementation of multimedia functionality (playback/browsing) from CD/USB/iPod and MTP devices for a radio head unit based on Jacinto2 running PrKERNEL
  • Multimedia solution on OMAP4 device running Android
  • Multimedia solution on i.MX6 based hardware running Android
  • Multimedia solution on DM8148/Jacinto5 based hardware running Linux and Qt
  • Development of intermediate devices between an iPhone and an end IR-device for a iPhone Remote Control application
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Case Studies

iOS Application Development for Drones

iOS Application Development (MFi Design) for drone control, photo/video capturing from a tablet/phone.


Android IVI Demo on OMAP4

Developing products for video camera applications using the DM814x/AM387x SoC


MFi Designs: Apple Device Integration (MFi Design Expertise), MFi Design Partner, iOS Application Development


Middleware development and integration services for Embedded devices


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