Display Adapter Board for 820 Dev Kit

820 camera board_for webThe Display Adaptor Board from Mistral is designed to realize display and user interface functionality with Mistral’s 820 Development kit using a HD LCD and a capacitive touchscreen.

The 820 Development Kit from Mistral is a powerful development platform built around the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (APQ8096) SoC. Based on a dual board architecture, the development kit consists of Mistral’s 820 Nano SoM that comprises of the APQ8096 Application Processor with associated PMIC, Memory, components for Wireless Connectivity, Sensors and Audio and a Carrier Board that provides access to interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet port, USB over Type-C, Camera and LCD among others.


  • 5.5” LCD panel with HD resolution (720p)
  • 5-point multitouch capacitive touchscreen
  • Backlight intensity control


The Display Adaptor board is designed to interface with the Display expansion port of the 820 Development Kit.  Mistral also provides customization services on the Display Adaptor Board for applications such as:

  • Realizing support for LCDs of different sizes and resolutions and near-eye displays for Virtual and Augmented Reality applications
  • High Definition Video interfaces (eDP, HDMI)

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