Android Accelerator Package 1.0

The Android Accelerator Package 1.0 for AM437x from Mistral comes ready with Android KitKat version 4.4.4 R2 support, drivers and Board Support Package (BSP). It gives software developers a quick start on their AM437x SoC-based product development. The easy-to-use BSP Package is available for both the AM437x PoM from Mistral and the AM437x GP-EVM from Texas Instruments.

The ready-to-use BSP consists of source code for Linux Bootloader, U-Boot, Linux Kernel, File system, Android Framework and drivers.Users can add /modify any of the BSP components/drivers for their custom hardware. Mistral also provides customization services to adapt the BSP to your custom AM437x platform.

This package also includes ten hours of support for the licensed platform (GP-EVM/PoM Platform). Support will be through email only and no customization services is included as part of this package.




Features Source
Binary Device Description
Primary Boot-loader, MLO x Version is 2014.10-rc2
Linux u-boot x Version is 2014.10-rc2
SoC Peripheral Drivers
x Linux Kernel version is 3.12.20
Audio Codec Driver x TLVAIC3106 Audio Codec from TI
LCD Panel Driver x Manufacturer : OSD Displays Part # OSD070T1718-19TS and back-light is through PWM based LED Driver chipset TPS61081
Camera Sensor Driver x Omnivision OV2659 camera sensor. This is common to both GP-EVM and POM
Ethernet Driver x Ethernet PHY Part Number – MICREL KSZ9031RNX from  MICREL
USB Host Driver x Uses the in-built USB Host Controller of AM437x
PRU Driver x Basic PRU Functionality supported
WiFi Controller Driver x WiFi Module supported is WG7831-D0  based on TI WiLink8 Chipset. On GP-EVM,  COM Connector based Additional Card required to use this feature.
Bluetooth Controller Driver x Part of the Wilink8 Module
LED Driver x Standard Yellow or Red LED
Keypad Driver x Omron part number B3SL-1022P used on GP-EVM
PRU Test Application x Standard Test Application to test the communication between ARM and PRU Cores
HDMI Audio/Video Driver x Silicon Images Sii9022ACNU Chipset Supported
EEPROM Driver x Part number – CAT24C256WI-GT3 which is 256 Kilo-bit EERPOM
3D SGX Library x PVR Library version is 1.2.5, SGX Library taken from TI Graphics SDK 5.01
Android Framework x Google KitKat version is 4.4.4 r2
Android HAL for Camera x
Camera Application x
Sample Android Applications x 0xBenchMark [3D Application], OE File Manager[which allows to see the contents of each android folder], FruitSlice [sample 3d Game] with our distribution.
Android WPA Supplicant for TI WiLink 8 x
Android HAL For Audio, Display, Keypad for AM437x GP EVM and PoM x The HAL is specifically customized for the AM437x GP-EVM and PoM Boards. The Display Panel supported is OSD070T1718-19TS.


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