The AM37x EVM and/or DM37x EVM from Mistral is a highly integrated and easy-to-use development platform based on TI’s AM/DM37x Sitara Microprocessor. Designed with a modular and extendable architecture, the EVM helps developers leverage the benefits of the powerful AM/DM37x EVMAM/DM37x processor comprising of the advanced Superscalar ARM® Cortex™-A8 RISC core with NEON co-processing. Developers looking at developing their next generation wireless devices around the AM/DM37x platform, can enjoy the benefits of faster user interfaces, faster data access and a robust evaluation environment. Included in the AM/DM37x EVM Kit is a WL1271 Wireless Connectivity card, which provides both Bluetooth and Wireless LAN connectivity, via the AM37x and/or DM37x EVM expansion connectors.



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shutterstock_151825652 Portable Barcode scanner for visually impaired

Portable Bar Code Scanner

Portable “all-in-one” talking barcode scanner for people with visual impairments

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WLAN and Bluetooth Demo on DM3730 EVM


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