TMDXEVM8148 Mistral’s TMDXEVM8148 is an easy-to-use development platform (Software Development Kit) for users to get started on building their next generation HD Video applications. Designed with modular and extendable architecture, the dm8148 EVM helps developers leverage the benefits of TI’s highly-integrated TMS320DM814x Digital Media System-on-Chip multimedia applications processor.   The TMDXEVM8148 comprises of a TMS320DM814x base board, a plug-in expansion I/O board and an LCD adaptor board that provides LCD display with touch screen interface. The expansion I/O board plugs-in through the expansion connectors on the base board and the LCD adaptor board gets plugged in to the LCD interface connectors on the expansion I/O board. To purchase the TMDXEVM8148, visit TI’s eStore ACE AWARDS: (Image)


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TMDXEVM8148 Documentation and Software

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Video Security Solution on TMDXEVM8148

Using TMDXEVM8148 EVM for implementing video security solution

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High Definition Rugged Digital Video Recorder

UAV mounted camera with airborne transmitter and ground station based receiver


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