Each day, more and more objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate with each other. From your personal and wearable electronics, devices at home, vehicles, to business systems and community networks, all these are connected with each other via the ubiquitous IP address. The resulting information network, called the Internet of Things, promises to change our everyday lives, create new business models, improve systems and processes, while reducing costs and risks.

Mistral has over 15 years of operational experience in providing cutting-edge Product Engineering Services in the embedded domain. Mistral’s Product Engineering Services (PES) domain provides expert product engineering services to product developers and provides specialized solutions a wide variety of applications, each of which is or will be a component of the IoT like Wearable Electronics, Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Infotainment and Assistive Technology. Our customer centric approach, Mistral is the preferred design partner for product developers who are looking at developing new, futuristic, next generation intelligent devices that enhance the quality of life and provides exemplary user experience.

With strong expertise in both hardware design and software development, Mistral’s Product Engineering Services team ensures that complex product vision is converted into tangible designs which are both scalable and successful. We help customers build complete solutions from concept to deployment, providing end-to-end Product design and development services which includes:

  • Hardware Design
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Testing and Validation
  • Production Support
  • Product Lifecycle Support

Mistral has worked with several leading companies across the globe in designing next generation devices based on path breaking technologies and on various platforms. These include smart tablets, voice activated devices, wearable computers, connected devices, embedded industrial devices, entertainment systems or medical equipment, among others.

Mistral’s robust engineering ecosystem and expertise in design implementation help us deliver end-to-end solutions to customers while ensuring cost optimization, seamless integration, power management and scalability.

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RTM-BOC for Keystone II EVMs

An eight layer plug-in module for the Keystone II family of EVM.

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Handheld Electronic Magnifier with OCR and TTS for low vision


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