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The AI-enabled Sensor Fusion Kit Lite is an integrated, performance-oriented, Camera Vision and mmWave RADAR fusion platform that meets the compelling needs of modern AI, Deep Learning, and Video Analytics applications.

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The AI-SFK Lite (Camera Vision + mmWave RADAR) is uniquely designed to provide range precision along with superior imaging capabilities for applications such as smart retail, industrial 4.0, robotics, smart building, smart city, ADAS, autonomous vehicle, among others. The camera & mmWave RADAR complement each other for object detection, classification, range, velocity and elevation parameters. The platform provides vision analytics and RADAR data fusion in real-time.
The AI-SFK Lite consists of a Mistral’s Neuron Base Board (NB-Basic) mated with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX SoM along with Mistral’s 77GHz mmWave RADAR Module and a Camera Module (CSI-based 8 MP / 4K colour sensor) supporting up to 21 fps.


    • Jetson Xavier NX SoM
    • Neuron Base Board (NB Basic)
    • 77GHz AoPCB RADAR module
    • Camera Module 250 GB SSD
    • Quick Start Guide (Online)
    • Software Package and Documentation (Online)