AM437x PoM

AM437x PoM is an AM437x EVM or an AM437x IDK from Mistral is a high performance, ready-to-use Product on Module which allows product developers to quickly deploy their custom product to market. The AM437x PoM is built around the powerful 800 MHz/1GHz Sitara AM437x SoC from Texas Instruments and is the perfect solution for quick product deployment while leveraging the benefits of the powerful SoC.

Delivery Time: 5-6 Days



The AM437x Product on Module (AM437x PoM) from Mistral is a low cost, small footprint, high performance; easy-to-use AM437x development platform or AM437x IDK built around the powerful 800MHz/ 1GHz Sitara AM437x SoC from Texas Instruments.

With extensive integration such as quad core PRU-ICSS, PowerVR SGX 3D acceleration core, dual camera, QSPI-NOR, up to 512KB on-chip memory, Dual ADC and an easily extendable architecture, this AM437x PoM (AM437x IDK or AM437x EVM) is the perfect AM437x development platform / AM437x Starter Kit / AM437x IDK (Industrial Development Kit) for quick  industrial product deployment while leveraging the benefits of the powerful  Sitara SoC.

The AM437x PoM or AM437x IDK is an ideal platform for developing a wide range  of industrial, home automation and medical applications.


  • AM437x Product on Module (PoM) with Accessories
  • Board Support Packages
  • QSG and User Manuals

HTSN: 8471500150

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