Semiconductor Support Services

Mistral offers Semiconductor Support Services that help bridge the gap between chip manufacturers and end users, by providing a wide variety of solutions for embedded product design.   Semiconductor support services

Mistral’s Product Engineering Services team supports vendors and provides them with Semiconductor support solutions that help harness and demonstrate the real processing power of the chips to the end customer. These services and solutions include design and development of hardware platforms like development platforms, reference designs, silicon bring-up and system software.   Mistral’s Semiconductor Support services help developers leverage benefits of the chip by improving performance, reliability, scalability of design and cost of embedded devices; accelerating the development cycle, reducing time-to-market and staying ahead of the increasing competition.


Mistral’s range of Semiconductor Support Services includes:

  • Reference Designs
  • Development Platforms
  • BSP and Drivers
  • Firmware
  • Silicon Bring-up Kits
  • Chip Support Package
  • Embedded Applications

Mistral’s expertise in semiconductor support services includes

  • Early silicon support
    • Hardware design and development
    • Peripheral validation for functionality and performance
    • OS and firmware porting
    • Silicon bring-up
  • Development platform ecosystem
    • Hardware design and development
    • OS and firmware porting
    • Independent V&V
    • OOBE (Out-Of-Box Experience) – state-of-the-art packaging design
    • Production and logistics
    • Online support (Design documentation, Product registration, RMA)
    • Web ordering
  • Reference Design
    • Form-factor hardware and software development for end product application
    • Custom use cases
    • Mechanical Design
  • Chip Support Package
    • Seamless access of hardware registers through simple software interfaces
    • Highly portable and reusable across architectures and PSP (Platform Support packages)
    • Rapidly reduces board bring up time and driver porting time

  Skill Set  




Firmware Expertise


Languages and Tools


  • TI: OMAP2/3/4, AM/DM 37x, DM814x, AM3517
  • ADI: BF53x, BF 54x, BF52x series
  • Embedded Linux
  • Windows Embedded
  • U-boot
  • Linux Test Project (LTP), Linux Performance Test Bench (LPTB), CE Test Kit (CETK)
  • C, C++, Assembly Level
  • Perl, Javascript
  • VHDL and Verilog
  • ARM and DSP development tools

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AM_DM37x EVM (600x416)


Easy-to-use development module for multimedia/wireless based appications

Application Notes

video security

Video Camera Solution on TMDXEVM8148

Developing products for video camera applications using the DM814x/AM387x SoC



Silicon Bringup

Pre-Silicon Bring-Up, Post-Silicon Bring-Up and Validation


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