Cloud, Mobile and IoT Apps

Optimized, robust and intuitive App Dev Services for standalone, mobile, web, IoT and cloud ecosystems providing easy to use, creative and intuitive applications, with exciting UX.


Mistral has been working with multiple cloud platform vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Samsung Artik and have developed numerous applications on these platforms.  We provide Low bandwidth, Agile Application Development and Lifecycle Management services  for IoT, Mobile, PC and Web application development.

From the initial stage, Mistral engages with customers to understand their requirements and help them realize their application ideas. The technical team walks through the application ideas and helps the customer draft detailed requirements and concept visualization.

Our team stays updated on the latest features and trends of Android, iOS and Hybrid mobile and web App development technologies. This enables us to provide our customers with a complete, holistic cost effective and extensible solution.

We support customers throughout the agile application development lifecycle by managing the applications on the Apps store, providing feature enhancements and compatibility with future OS versions and devices.


  • Low latency, low bandwidth web apps  (PHP,CGI, HTML) on low-power SOCs to high-end servers
  • App development for real-time distributed systems
  • Windows MFC/C# based End UI Application
  • Development of test automation software
  • PC app for Scientific, engineering, medical, consumer, maintenance and industrial applications (QT, Visual Studio)
  • Optimized C/C++/Assembly application on various IDEs for bare-metal environment
  • DO178B compliant application development for Mission critical and safety critical systems


Agile methodology for Application Development


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    iOS Application Development for photo/video capturing, editing and transferring for Drones

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    Small-footprint Hands-free Headset with 15 inch Virtual Display

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