iOS Application Development for Drones

A drone is a light flying robot with on-board sensors for imaging. It is more formally acknowledged as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Fundamentally, drones can be flown autonomously or be remotely controlled through software. Mistral has the expertise in designing low power, light weight electronics for drones along with smartphone/tablet Android/ iOS App Development for Drones. iOS App Development, iOS App Development Services, iOS application development

The iOS App Development is designed to perform as close as possible to the in-built iOS Application to provide the user with a unified user experience (UX). This case study showcases Mistral’s capability in iOS App Development services to control the photo/video capturing, editing, transferring and sharing features of the drone.

The Customer

The customer is one of the market leaders in robotics and has been making tethered drones for government and industrial applications. These drones were designed to operate in all types of wind and weather conditions.

The Requirement (iOS App Development Services)

The customer was developing a new drone, which is designed to be controlled entirely by smart phone or tablet. The customer approached Mistral for iOS App Development with following features:

  • Photo/Video capturing
  • Photo editing
  • Video trimming
  • Transfer Photo/Video captured on the drone to phone
  • Sharing the captured Photo/Video on social network

iOS app Development Provided

Mistral provided iOS App Development services for their drone to enable camera capture, download the captured media to the phone. Mistral helped the customer to identify the right technology that enabled rapid iOS App Development.

Following aspects were part of the iOS App Development process: iOS App Development, iOS App Development Services, iOS application development

The iOS App Development services provided by Mistral included:

  • Apple’s general purpose compiled programming language “Swift” which is more robust than Objective-C was used to develop the User interface & Objective-C wrappers were developed to integrate with the drone SDK.
  • Mistral team helped the customer to finalize the requirements for the iOS App Development using the use-case specification document.
  • Wire-frames for the iOS App were designed to freeze the look and feel of the application.
  • Agile methodology was used to manage the project.
  • Incremental release was made to enable the customer to get early release and testing.
  • Independent verification and validation team was engaged in testing every release.