Rugged, high-performance RADAR Systems and subsystems
for Data Acquisition and Signal Processing


RADAR technology is used in a wide range of defense platforms including aircraft, ships, and land-based military applications, among others. RADAR electronics use electromagnetic waves to detect, locate, and track objects such as aircraft, UAVs, ships, projectiles, etc. in the area of interest. Radars estimate the distance of objects detected from the point where the RADAR is positioned. RADAR Systems and RADAR Subsystems radiate energy into the space, receive and process the reflected signals from targets present with the help of advanced RADAR Signal Processing Engines. 

Advanced RADAR Systems are designed to track targets in difficult radar clutter conditions across land, maritime, and air, for various defense, aerospace, security, intelligence, and safety applications. The recent advancement in the technology domain has resulted in the development of efficient low-cost sensing devices, especially Radar Electronics, which offers superior performance in terms of computation capabilities and precision measurement. Mistral has designed and developed RADAR Electronics and numerous RADAR sub-systems for a diverse range of Aerospace and Defense applications including ground, ship and airborne radar systems, leveraging these modern technologies!

With a deep understanding of RADAR technology, our team excels in designing and developing RADAR Systems and RADAR electronics tailored to specific requirements. We specialize in RADAR Signal Processing, target detection and tracking algorithms, antenna design, waveform optimization, and system integration. Leveraging our expertise, we deliver cutting-edge RADAR Systems and RADAR subsystems for Aerospace and Defense industries. Our focus on performance, reliability, and innovation ensures that Mistral remains at the forefront of radar systems design, providing customers with state-of-the-art RADAR Electronics solutions and RADAR sub-systems for their critical needs.

RADAR Systems

Mistral provides design and development services for rugged, high-performance RADAR Electronics, RADAR subsystems and Data Acquisition and Radar Signal Processing systems like Radar Processing Units (RPU), Transmit-Receive Modules (TRM), Receivers, Synthesizers and Data Recorders for various defense applications. Mistral’s RADAR subsystems and RADAR Electronics utilize a broad range of technologies covering microwave, mixed signal and high-speed digital designs. Our RADAR electronics also utilize specialized electro-optics (EO) in advanced Radar Systems. Our RADAR systems and RADAR sub-systems designs are backed by proven in-house research and development processes that help ensure that the solutions incorporate leading edge technologies in Radar signal processing.

Mistral has been one of the leading suppliers of high-performance RADAR systems and Radar Electronics in India. With superior industry experience and superior design expertise, Mistral helps Defense organizations rapidly deploy high performance Radar Systems for Land, Air and Sea applications. The ever-evolving Defense landscape demands increased efficiency of security systems with extremely fast response time, superior performance and high reliability. Mistral offers RADAR systems that meet these stringent requirements of modern-day battlefield and military intelligence gathering systems. We combine advanced technologies, latest computing solutions, Radar signal processing engines to provide compact, efficient and resilient systems for challenging missions.

RADAR Electronics

Mistral provides comprehensive design, development and integration services for RADAR Electronics and RADAR sub-systems, from concept, design and development to prototyping, production, system deployment and environmental qualification among others. we offer advanced Radar subsystems for sophisticated Radar Applications like Airborne Early Warning Systems, Tracking and Fire Control Radars, Ground Penetrating Radars, Weather Radars, Multi-function Radars. Our experience spanning over two decades enables us with the agility to adapt to changing customer requirements throughout the development life-cycle.

Mistral’s expertise in RADAR Electronics building a wide range of RADAR Systems and applications are backed by strong in-house research and development. Our constant effort to R&D ensures that the Radar Systems and Radar sub-systems offered incorporate leading edge Radar signal processing capabilities. In addition, Mistral has extensive experience in Radar signal processing techniques such as target detection and tracking, interference estimation and suppression, adaptive beamforming and electronic warfare among others on Radar Systems and RADAR Electronics subsystems.

With evolving electronic countermeasure methods and the advent of stealth-enabled fifth-generation fighter aircraft, conventional Radar systems pose significant challenges to efficiently detect Airborne threats and provide situational awareness to the warfighters. Mistral helps Defense Organizations develop Radar Systems and sub-systems of better detection range, high volume sensing and higher efficiency. Our RADAR Subsystems Design enables identification and classification of objects in real-time and plan quick counter measures. Mistral offers high-resolution, high-Speed Data Converters for Transmit and Receive systems. We use the evolving FPGA technologies to develop advanced RADAR Electronics that provide more computational power per watt and support high-speed data streaming.

RADAR Subsystems Design

Mistral’s design and development services for RADAR Systems and Radar sub-systems are complemented by our partnership with leading global OEMs specialized in defense electronics COTS Solutions. These include leading COTS hardware and software providers like Curtiss Wright Defense, Elma Electronics, Wind River Systems and ELMA among others. Mistral’s RADAR subsystems and RADAR Electronics designs are used in a wide range of commercial, military and paramilitary systems including ground-based, ship and airborne radars. We design and develop Radar Electronics and Radar subsystems in frequency bands including VHF/UHF, L-band, S-band, C-band, X-band, Ku-band for a range of applications like Air and Missile Defense, Aerial Mapping, Airspace Monitoring, Airborne Countermeasure, Surveillance, Navigation, Weapon Guidance, and Weather Monitoring among others.

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Mistral has unparalleled expertise in Radar Systems and Radar Electronics Design. With a dedicated team of skilled engineers, Mistral delivers cutting-edge Radar Systems and subsystems, encompassing all aspects from concept to implementation. Our proficiency in Radar Electronics ensures robust and innovative designs, optimizing Radar Subsystems for superior performance in various applications. Whether it's ground-based or airborne Radar Mistral's prowess in radar technology empowers clients with advanced solutions, exceptional signal processing, and seamless integration.

Hardware & FPGA Design

  • High-speed Digital and Mixed Acquisition Hardware designs for RADAR systems
  • Integrated microwave, mixed-signal and IF processing RADAR sub-systems
  • FPGA/DSP/GPGPU based RADAR Signal Processing systems
  • Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and Thermal Analysis for Radar signal processing systems
  • RTL coding in VHDL and Verilog and High-level Synthesis
  • Automated verification suites using Verilog/VHDL

Software Development

  • Partition of Radar Signal processing algorithms across DSP and FPGA for efficient system performance
  • Development and/or porting of various algorithms for FPGA and DSP sub-systems
  • VxWorks and Linux BSP and driver development for various I/O devices
  • HMI software for Radar Signal processing, tracking and plotting

Microwave Designs

  • Radar sub-system for C, L, S bands, Ku-band
  • RADAR Synthesizers
  • Gan based transmit-receive modules
  • Signal Data Recorders
  • Solid-state power amplifiers
  • Signal Analysis and simulation

Industrial Designs

  • Rugged enclosures catering to defense and aerospace applications
  • Air Flow-Through, Conduction Cooled, Air Conduction Cooled, Liquid Cooled
  • Material science management
  • CAD modeling with 3D thermal and structural analysis
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Wire harness

System Integration

  • Custom, rugged RADAR Systems for Signal and Data Processing
  • Integration of multi-vendor COTS and custom Hardware for target environments
  • Qualified LRUs complying to JSS55555, MIL-STD810F and MIL-STD 461E for ground and airborne application
  • Small form factor or VPX/VME high-efficiency RADAR Systems design

Testing and Validation

  • White box, Black box and System testing
  • Testing and validation of low-level units
  • Testing and validation of integrated sub-systems
  • Review of all project artefacts
  • IV&V compliant to DO-178B and CEMILAC for Airborne applications


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Designs for transmitters that use advanced technologies like solid-state power amplifiers, gallium nitride (GaN) technology, or traveling wave tubes (TWTs) to achieve high power output and long-range detection capabilities.

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Radar Receiver designs that receive, amplify, and convert microwave signals into a format suitable for signal processing, recording and target detection & tracking.

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Signal & Data Processors

Advanced Signal Processing Systems that extract information from the data received and performs various algorithms for target detection, tracking, and discrimination.

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Radar Computer Unit

Designs for high-performance Radar Computers that manage high-speed signal and data processing challenges of modern-day military RADARs and RADAR operations such as RADAR Control, Pre-Processing, Target Detection and Tracking, and Post Processing.

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Data Recorders

Designs for high-speed Radar Data Recorders that help record and archive the Radar signals received over a specific period. Our designs enable capture, analyze, and optimize crucial radar data for improved situational awareness, Radar target simulations and mission success.

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Radar Exciters

Advanced Radar Exciters using latest technologies for generating and transmitting RF signals. Our Exciter designs pay attention to Pulse Generation, Frequency Control, Modulation, and Phase Coherence to optimize system performance, its range, accuracy, and target discrimination.

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Multi-function Console & HMI

Mistral offers cutting-edge MFU and HMIs that assure a user-friendly interface for radar operators to control the radar system, interpret data, and make decisions based on the information presented by the radar.

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Digital Receivers

Enhance the potential of Radars with cutting-edge Digital Receiver Designs from Mistral. Our Designs elevate signal processing capabilities, enhance target detection, and achieve unmatched performance in critical missions.

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Target Simulation Systems

Advanced Target Simulators that feature specialized software/hardware designed to replicate the characteristics of a target in a controlled and virtual environment. The system allows users to simulate radar operations, analyse the outcomes, and thereby validate their systems.

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Transmit-Receive Modules

Compact high-performance Transmit-Receive Multi Modules based on GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology, built around latest high-compute FPGAs, for advanced RADARS, with unique self-calibration and Health Monitoring features and intuitive GUI.

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Target Tracking Systems

Target tracking subsystems for continuously monitoring the movement of targets, predicting their future positions, and estimating their trajectories over time, by employing multiple target tracking algorithms and data association techniques.

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Data Processing and Fusion

Data processing and fusion for modern radar systems that play a significant role in combining radar information with data from other sensors (e.g., electronic warfare systems, passive sensors) to enhance situational awareness and reduce false alarms.