Industrial mmWave RADAR – 60GHz AoPCB Module

The mmWave Industrial (60GHz) RADAR on Modules (RoM) with Antenna on PCB (AoPCB) from Mistral are easy to use, compact, light-weight RADAR Modules based on IWR6843 ES2.0 mmWave Sensor from Texas Instruments, providing high functionality for Industrial applications.


Based on Texas Instruments IWR6843 ES2.0 mmWave Sensor, an ultra high-resolution single-chip FMCW RADAR sensor SoC, the Industrial mmWave RADAR on Modules with Antenna on PCB are ideal for low power, self-calibrating, ultra-accurate RADAR systems in an industrial environment. The standalone IWR6843 mmWave Sensor (ES2.0) based RADAR modules come with Tapered 3E or ODS 1E PCB antenna to cater to different industrial applications. The Modules support flexible interfaces like USB, CAN, UART and SPI and can be powered via USB or Header.

IWR6843 mmWave Sensor

The IWR6843 mmWave Sensor (ES2.0) based Industrial RADAR Modules operate at frequency bands of 60-64GHz. Mistral’s 60GHz AoPCB RADAR Modules are among the most powerful in its category currently in the market and comes with advanced features such as FMCW Transceiver, DSP for Advanced Signal Processing, Hardware Accelerator (for FFT, Filtering, and CFAR Processing), ARM R4F Microcontroller, Built-in Calibration and Self-Test (address safety, aging and temperature-based variations). The 60GHz AoPCB Modules come with starterware and sample applications for common Industrial RADAR usages.

The small footprint of the IWR6843 mmWave Sensor (ES2.0) based 60GHz Industrial mmWave RADAR on Modules ensures that customers can design a custom enclosure to suit their application. Mistral can also build and provide custom IP6x compliant enclosures based on customer requirements. Complex signal processing runs within the IWR6843 ES2.0 mmWave Sensor-based 60GHz AoPCB RADAR Modules and only the processed Point Cloud RADAR data (Target ID, Range, Angle and Velocity) is given out over serial/CAN interfaces. In addition, raw data output is made available via LVDS ports, for debugging and development purpose. The Raw ADC data capture can also be enabled by pairing with TI’s DCA1000EVM real-time data capture adapter via the 60-pin Samtec connector. The Industrial RoMs (AoPCB) comes with SDK 3.5, along with object detection sample applications.

Mistral Software IPs

Mistral offers three optional software IPs that can support and accelerate the product development lifecycle. (i) Host Parser Application helps product developers to parse the point cloud data received from the RADAR and makes it available as an API. (ii) Remote Firmware Upgrade enables OEMs to upgrade the RADAR firmware remotely over the UART interface for commercially deployed products. (iii) Multi Configuration Management helps the developers load and store up to five RADAR configurations and manage them remotely during both development and after deployment. One of the configurations can be set to Autoload on Power-on, enabling instant streaming of point cloud data. These Software IPs are not a part of standard deliverables, developers can optionally order based on the development needs.


Ordering Information for Tapered 3E Module
Slab Qty Lead time Price
1-49 1-2 weeks $149 IWR6843 mmWave Sensor, 60GHz AoPCB RADAR Module
50 +  4-5 weeks IWR6843 mmWave Sensor, 60GHz AoPCB RADAR Module IWR6843 mmWave Sensor, 60GHz AoPCB RADAR Module
100+ 4-5 weeks IWR6843 mmWave Sensor, 60GHz AoPCB RADAR Module IWR6843 mmWave Sensor, 60GHz AoPCB RADAR Module
500+ to 1K+ 10-12 weeks IWR6843 mmWave Sensor, 60GHz AoPCB RADAR Module IWR6843 mmWave Sensor, 60GHz AoPCB RADAR Module

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  • IWR6843 ES2.0 mmWave Sensor
  • FMCW Transceiver with Integrated PLL, Transmitter, Receiver, Baseband and ADC
  • 60-64GHz Coverage with 4GHz Continuous Bandwidth
  • Four Receive Channels and Three Transmit Channels
  • Built-in Calibration and Self-test
  • ARM Cortex R4F-Based Radio Control System
  • C674x DSP for Advanced Signal Processing
  • Antenna Pattern: Tapered 3E or ODS 1E
  • Hardware Accelerator for Signal Processing (FFT, Filtering and CFAR Processing)
  • Supports TI’s SDK 3.5
  • Firmware Support: Necessary Drivers, OSAL, mmWaveLink, mmWaveLib, mmWave API, Binary RADARSS Firmware
  • Peripherals support: CAN, 1 SPI Channels, 1 UARTs, I2C, JTAG and 2-Lane LVDS, GPIOs Interface Support
  • Chirp configuration files for Ultra-Short Range, Short Range and Medium Range
  • Sample application: Object detection out of box demo
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 54 x 53 x 18 mm
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 C to 85 C