Integrated Command and Control

In a rapidly evolving world, on-field resources require advanced connectivity and modern Communication, Command and Control solutions to efficiently manage their missions. The Integrated Command and Control System from Mistral is a mission-critical communication platform designed to support multiple connection standards and devices.

Integrated Command and Control System

The Integrated Command and Control System from Mistral is designed to meet the complex requirements of mission-critical communication for Law Enforcement and Security Agencies. The Integrated Command and Control System offers a vast range of tools and features to support public safety agencies and emergency response organizations manage critical incidents and emergencies more effectively. They provides real-time situational awareness, multi-agency collaboration, and integration with multiple communication systems.

With advanced telephony capabilities and radio integration, the Integrated Command and Control System delivers a robust, command, control and communication platform with unmatched operational efficiency. The Command and Control System provides an extensive set of cutting-edge features, enterprise-class server architecture and end-to-end resiliency. With mobile devices, IoT and social channels becoming mainstream, field resources are now able to trace and track more information than ever before. The Integrated Command and Control solution offered by Mistral is a futuristic formula designed to support multiple connection standards, manufacturers, and devices.

Features of Integrated Command and Control System

The Integrated Command and Control System brings both voice and data together, enabling operators to efficiently coordinate with field personnel mission-critical communication,  generating real-time situational awareness and response plans. The modular system is designed to scale from a few consoles to hundreds, with support for more interfaces than any other system currently available in the market. The Integrated Command and Control System supports a broad range of telephony technologies, including SIP, ISDN, and QSig; signaling protocols and radio protocols; standards-based radio interfaces such as Project 25, TETRA, DMR, and NXDN; and interfaces to conventional and proprietary systems and technologies; making it one of the most complete mission-critical communication solutions.

The User Interface (UI) of the Command and Control System is designed to provide intuitive look, feel and expediency a user needs. The command platform offers scalable configurations to easily adapt to any operational changes. With its enterprise-class server architecture and high capacity, the Integrated Command and Control system can be updated and expanded without requiring additional hardware.

The Powerful Call Management feature of the Integrated Command and Control System from Mistral allows the users to determine how calls are viewed, prioritized, and handled. The Smart Audio Routing in the command console allows the user to direct the audio input source to any audio output. Audio levels can be automatically adjusted based on the operator’s console selections, which is pre-configured to the needs of the control room, without making expensive hard-coded software changes. Profile-based login provides users with the flexibility to log in to any number of systems, which is critical during disaster-recovery operations or situations where multiple systems are deployed. The Profiles reflect available resources, dispatch functions, duty shifts and schedules, supervisory and maintenance roles, and training exercise simulations.

Integrated Command Centre for Mission-critical Communication

The Integrated Command and Control System from Mistral offers full end-to-end encryption to ensure the communication is secure, making it ideal for mission-critical communication. The DES and AES encryption are integral features of the system interfaces, which offers an uncompromised, mission-critical communication platform. The system also offers an enhanced Broadband Push-To-Talk feature for increased productivity. The Command and Control System platform not only provides the ability to integrate with Commercial Broadband Push-to-Talk services but also connects to existing LMR networks. With built-in IP-diagnostic tools and web-based system-management capabilities, the command and control platform delivers optimal performance. The Integrated Command and Control solution is an ideal solution for Public Safety, Transportation (Rail, aviation, traffic, maritime, and port operations), Public Utilities, Energy-distribution Operations, Government Agencies, Border Operations, Security Operations, Mining, Oil and Gas Platforms, and Refineries among others.

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  • Scales from a few consoles to hundreds
  • Supports centralized, distributed and mobile-based dispatching
  • Delivers high-bandwidth efficiency in an end-to-end IP-based system
  • Includes an intuitive, feature-rich, highly customizable graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Provides system-wide call-management capabilities and call management reporting
  • Profile-based login
  • Interoperates with legacy, modern and emerging radio and telephone technologies
  • Supports a variety of open-standards interfaces including P25 (CSSI, DFSI) and DMR
  • Can interface with TETRA systems, or to TETRA PEI connected donor radios
  • Capable of AES and DES encryption (including FIPS 140-2, Key Management and Key Fill Device support)
  • Web-based configuration tools
  • Script-based audio routing algorithms
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for real-time alarm reporting
  • Includes SIP-based voice recording with metadata
  • Interfaces to third-party applications such as CAD and AVL for call-setup and location services.