Board Design Services

Hardware Board Design Services for a given requirement, be it a simple design concept, adding features to a current design or a complex, end-to-end board design package.


With more and more functionality integrated onto the silicon chipset, hardware board design trends have moved to smart, miniature and light-weight devices with an emphasis on signal integrity, thermal integrity and power integrity of the hardware.

Mistral’s provides the necessary embedded Board Design services for a given requirement, be it a simple design concept, adding features to a current design or an end-to-end board design package (schematics, bill of materials, design documentation and PCB layout).

Mistral’s hardware board design services are based on the latest processors and peripherals and support efficient processor inter-communications, memory access operations and power management to deliver a cost-effective design and manufacturing testability.

From initial design to manufacture, our Board Design Services ensure innovative and cost-effective measures to fulfill planned technical and business requirements for a hardware board design. For the past 20+ years, we have offered board design services for design and manufacture of high-quality System on Modules, Development Platforms and custom embedded hardware that meet customer expectations of reliability, performance, and cost. We are today a leading provider of board design services for embedded end products and applications.


  • Library Management
  • Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Power Integrity Analysis
  • PDN Analysis (Power Distribution Network Analysis)
  • Structural Analysis


Our board design services include component selection & design guidelines for


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    Portable Desktop Magnifier for low vision

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