RADAR & Signal Processing Applications

Digital Signal Processing in radar system enabling DO178 Complaint Application Development for Mission critical and safety critical systems with user interface and communication, command and control functionality.


Digital Signal Processing in Radar System address robust signal processing problems in complex radar systems and digital signal processing sub-systems. Modern radars perform nearly the entire required signal processing digitally. Mistral’s range of hardware solutions for aerospace and defense applications, are complimented by our radar & signal processing applications which include: DSP Algorithm implementation, DO178 Complaint Application Development and Linux/Vxworks based client application development services.

Digital signal processing in radar system can be implemented on FPGA and/or signal processing platform to help plan, develop and manage safe, secure, reliable, and compliant Applications for Mission critical and safety critical systems.


  • QT Based UI applications
  • Embedded applications for head-less devices
  • Database management and web based application


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    Multi-processor Software Architecture for defense applications

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    Digital Receiver System for Multi Object Tracking Radar

  • Case Study

    Radar Controller and Processing Unit (RCPU) for Signal Processing, Data Processing, Controller and Data Recording

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