COFDM Wireless Body Worn Cameras

Police Body Cameras or Security body camera is based on COFDM technology offering line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight transmission. These WiFi Body camera provide high quality wireless transmission of high-definition video, audio and data.


The adoption and use of modern technologies for undercover missions, investigations, and public safety boosts the efficiency and morale of officers on job manifold. Advanced technologies and tools help the police and law enforcement agencies to gather intelligence faster, strategize better and proactively start missions. The COFDM Body Worn cameras, known as Police Body Camera are one of the best investigative and tracking assets that can be added to law enforcement forces. The COFDM Body Worn cameras, also popular as Security Body Camera, Wifi Body Camera work in non line of sight (NLOS) making it ideal for demanding missions. The NLOS Body Worn Cameras can be worn by Police or other law enforcement personnel during VIP rallies, large sporting events, rescue missions, or any events of potential security breaches to stream video with audio in real-time to a command and control centre. The NLOS Body Worn Cameras are typically worn on the torso of the officer’s uniform. The Wifi Body Camera offers line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight, wireless operation using coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (COFDM).

Police Body Cameras

Mistral offers secure, rugged, smart and efficient Police Body Cameras for law enforcement agencies. These COFDM Body Worn Cameras are designed with great focus on the operational challenges and specific needs of the police and law enforcement agencies during critical operations. These Non line of sight body worn cameras enable police to gather incriminating first-hand evidence at a crime scene, record rule/law violations during public events or a rally. In a mission critical operation, these cameras stream real-time location information of the officers on mission along with surroundings visuals to the central command centre. This enables the superior officers to gather crucial situational awareness and quickly launch further actions.

The COFDM technology used in these WiFi Body camera makes the system truly dynamic and mobile, ensuring secure and robust communications in the most challenging and rapidly changing environment. The NLOS Body Worn Cameras or Police Body Cameras offered by Mistral provide fully-featured high definition video + audio and are designed to collect video, audio, and image evidences of events that the user is involved in. These cameras follow industry standard H.264 with AAC or MPEG audio for Video encoding process. With a battery life of 11 hours recording, the Security Body Camera / Police Body Cameras ensure that you will never miss a thing. These Police Body Cameras from Mistral use 8MHz channel bandwidth which gives broadcast quality video, with narrow band options available for deployments requiring a higher spectral efficiency.

The Security Body Camera is designed based on the video encoding Standard H.264 with AAC or MPEG audio. Suitable for line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight transmission, these Police Body cameras support various options for frequency band, output power and channel bandwidth along with video encoding. Transmitters are available from 300MHz up to 6GHz. Integrated with the Video investigation software, these COFDM wireless body worn cameras or Police Body cameras are an ideal face recognition Surveillance System security forces to use during tactical operations.


  • WiFi Body camera or Security Body Camera with Non Line of Sight (NLOS) wireless transmission of HD video and audio
  • Police Body Cameras with Transmitters/Receivers
  • Police Body cameras available in Point-To-Point & Mesh Architectures
  • Supports various frequency ranges, output power, channel bandwidth and video encoding
  • USB based receiver interface to display and record video
  • Transmitters are available from 300MHz up to 6GHz
  • H.264 video encoding with AAC or MPEG audio