Mobile C4ISR Platforms

Mistral’s Mobile C4ISR platforms are a range of unique Mobile Command and Control Vehicles for law and order control, emergency/ disaster management, tactical security operations and critical infrastructure protection.


The growing cities, increasing urban population and complex infrastructures among others continue to bring in increasing challenges to law enforcement agencies. With fewer resources, security and law enforcement agencies have to address a greater number of service calls and a large geographical region. Creating and maintaining a secure and safe environment in cities, suburbs and highways is essential for sustained development. The Mobile C4ISR platforms from Mistral are easy to deploy Mobile Surveillance Vehicle for police and paramilitary, special forces, defense forces, airports and private security agencies for law & order control, VIP security, public events (sports, entertainment shows, and political rallies), emergency/ disaster management, tactical security operations and critical infrastructure protection. The Mobile C4ISR platforms are an effective and efficient Mobile Surveillance Vehicle that can be quickly deployed to manage and cover surveillance and tactical operation in a specific area. A single unit of Mobile C4ISR platforms can replace a minimum of 60 on-field personnel during a mission, making it a great solution for forces with limited resources, or to quickly launch missions in situations of emergency or a threat.

Mobile Surveillance Vehicle (Mobile C4ISR)

Mistral’s Mobile Surveillance Vehicle is designed for Command, Control, Communications,  Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance. Known by different names like Mobile Command Center Vehicles or Mobile Surveillance Vehicle (MSV), based on the application they are being intended for, the Mobile C4ISR platform is easy and quickly deployable solutions with a spacious, well equipped work space that can be customized to suit different operational needs. The Mobile Surveillance Vehicle can accommodate any number of specialized features and its multi-functional area provides both room and versatility. It is air-conditioned, well equipped and sufficiently ventilated for multi-hour operations. The Mobile Surveillance Vehicle and Mobile Command Center Vehicles can be customized to a four-wheel drive vehicle with hydraulic stabilizers suitable for multi-terrain operation.

Mobile Command Center Vehicles – Features

The Mobile Command Center Vehicles from Mistral consist of customized vehicles equipped with either or all of the following: IP video surveillance equipment, video management and analytics, command & control modules, communication infrastructure and monitoring stations. From CAD and mechanical design to wood work, interior layout, electronics integration, the Mistral team oversee the end to end activities related to the Mobile C4ISR platform design ensuring the highest standard of quality. Our aim is to deliver a cutting edge, robust Mobile Surveillance Vehicle that meets all the requirements and expectations of the customer. Mistral’s project association does not end with the product delivery. We ensure a proper training and handover of the Mobile Command Center Vehicles or Mobile Surveillance Vehicle at the customer location. We stay in constant contact with the customer and support them with any support issues that they may need help in.

Our Mobile Command Center Vehicles or Mobile Surveillance Vehicle can be customized to suite customer specific requirements. We can easily integrate customer equipment into the design to suit operations for a wide range of applications like Highway Patrol Vehicle, Mobile Command Post for Airports, Mobile Surveillance Vehicle for VIP Security, Mobile Command Center Vehicles  for Tactical operations etc.


Mobile C4ISR Platforms

Integrated Communication System

Comprehensive communication and interoperability between different networks, devices and agencies in the Mobile Surveillance Vehicle

Digital communications console system for Radio Dispatchers

Support for 30 ports of  Voice and 16 operators

Supports and integrates VHF, UHF, HF, GSM, Satellite terminals

Screen-based, configurable Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Other Features

LED TVs to show video feeds coming in from the various

Wireless IP Cameras providing COP and situation awareness to the team

Remote Video transmission over 3G/4G

Auto-tracking Mobile DTH TV Antenna for on-the-move Live TV

Power generation setup with diesel genset and UPS Battery back-up

Raw power can also be used to power the electronics.

Mobile C4ISR Platforms

Video Surveillance

Field deployable Wireless battery powered cameras

Mast mounted PTZ, CCD/Thermal cameras

Long-range, Wireless COFDM, NLOS body worn cameras

Network Video Recorder with VMS and Video Synopsis software

24 x 7 Tethered Drone for Aerial surveillance


Mobile Command and Control Vehicle (MCCV)

Mobile Command Center Vehicles

Mobile Surveillance Vehicle

Mobile Command Post

Highway Patrol Vehicle

Mobile War Room

Mobile C4ISR Platforms

Control Room

Air-conditioned interiors with customized work stations

Video conferencing setup

Equipped with VGA outlets, HDMI outlets and USB ports

Mesh based Mobile Adhoc NETwork (MANET) radios

Refrigerator and office facilities including printer, fax, telephone and laptop/computer charging ports for seamless operations.


Easy to deploy and easy to set-up

Scalable solution

Multi-sensor integration

User friendly GUI-based application

Remote transmission


Mobile C4ISR Platforms

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Mobile C4ISR Platforms

Disaster Management

Mobile C4ISR Platforms

Public Events

Mobile C4ISR Platforms

Safe City

Mobile C4ISR Platforms

Tactical Operations

Mobile C4ISR Platforms

VIP Security


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