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Rugged Graphics and Video

Rugged Graphics and Video

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description
XMC-4701 XMC 3U

The XMC-4701 rugged video capture XMC module from Curtiss Wright is designed for high-performance video ingest applications. The XMC module can capture up to four simultaneous video streams from analog and digital sources, with a high-speed DMA-driven capture engine.

XMC-4730  Video processing mezzanine module XMC-4730 XMC 3U NVIDIA

The XMC-4730 from Curtiss Wright is a rugged NVIDIA Quadro Pascal GP107-based video processing mezzanine module designed for high-performance video ingest, processing, and display applications.

VPX3-719 VPX/OpenVPX

Rugged, High-performance DO-254 and DO-178C Safety Certifiable 3U VPX/OpenVPX AMD E8860 Graphics and Video Capture Module

VPX3-716, Rugged 3U VPX Graphics Display Card VPX3-716 VPX/OpenVPX 3U

An industry leading rugged 3U VPX/OpenVPX is a high-performance graphics controller is well-suited to support embedded training, moving maps, GIS, DVE, and other graphics, video and compute-intensive applications.