Rugged, airborne telemetry and tracking systems
for aerospace and defense applications.


Airborne Telemetry Solutions are used for remote sensing and data transmission. Telemetry tracking systems measure and collect data from physically inaccessible points and transmit them to a receiver for monitoring, recording and analysis. Airborne Telemetry Tracking Systems use several mediums for the transmission of captured data to the host system, viz., air, space, copper wire, or a fiber cable, depending on the application. 

Telemetry is the process of gathering and processing critical information onboard spacecraft, aircraft, projectiles and UAVs. Airborne Telemetry solutions are lightweight, portable systems that can be utilized to accurately acquire, transmit, and record engine data and other parameters such as velocity, altitude, temperature, etc. These parameters are measured and transmitted via Telemetry Tracking Systems to a distant station where they are displayed, recorded and analyzed.

FPGA-based Airborne Telemetry Solutions

Airborne Telemetry

Mistral offers FPGA-based Airborne Telemetry Solutions that are specifically designed for recording and transmitting data to remote ground stations. Our custom-built modular, rugged Airborne Telemetry Solutions, telemetry tracking systems and modules are highly durable, making them suitable for use in harsh defense and aerospace applications. In addition, we provide Airborne Telemetry Solutions based on Wire Link, Wireless, Data Loggers, and Others that caters to applications such as Automation, Energy Utilities, and Telematics among others.

Mistral provides engineering services for the design and development of application-specific telemetry tracking systems and airborne telemetry solutions that comply with IRIG106 Class-2 specifications. Mistral’s Airborne Telemetry Solutions include the design and development of rugged, highly durable systems for airborne applications such as aircraft, parachutes, projectiles, and space systems.

Mistral can also design and develop customized telemetry solutions for various applications, including flight termination, telemetry tracking, data acquisition, airborne transmitters, and PCM encoders, among others. Our airborne telemetry solutions support a variety of video, data, command, and control link requirements, meeting all necessary environmental and performance standards.

Telemetry Tracking Systems

Telemetry Solutions

Mistral can design and develop Telemetry Tracking Systems including antenna, receiver, transmission, data recording, data processing and display among others. Mistral’s Telemetry Tracking Systems is suitable for data acquisition, recording, transmission, real-time monitoring, and data procession of airborne systems, ships, land-based vehicles, etc.

Contact us to learn more about our expertise in the design and development of Airborne Telemetry Solutions. Click here to view an Infographics on Airborne Telemetry solutions. For more information on Airborne Telemetry and Telemetry Tracking Systems, write to us.


With extensive experience in the aerospace and defense industry, Mistral offers innovative and reliable Airborne Telemetry and Tracking Solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our proficiency lies in developing cutting-edge telemetry systems that enable real-time data acquisition and transmission in airborne platforms. We leverage our deep understanding of telemetry protocols, RF technologies, and signal processing to deliver robust and efficient solutions for telemetry applications.

Hardware Design

  • Multi-processor, FPGA based Hardware Architecture
  • Signal Conditioning , Data Acquisition and Signal Processing
  • RF Design; High-Speed Digital Design
  • Sensor Integration
  • Power Supply Design and Power Management
  • AMI/EMC Environmental Considerations
  • Compliance and Certification

Software Development

  • Real-Time Operating Systems
  • Signal Processing Algorithms
  • BSP & Firmware Development
  • Real-Time Data Processing
  • Communication Protocols like TCP/IP, UDP, MQTT, or custom protocols
  • Data Visualization, Analysis, Storage and Management
  • Airborne Compliance and safety Standards

Telemetry Techniques

  • Modulation Techniques - Digital: BPSK, QPSK; Analog: PCM, PAM
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
  • Crosstalk Elimination
  • Simultaneous, Over/Super Sampling Methods
  • Error Detection and Correction; IIR and FIR Digital filters
  • Antenna Diversity - spatial or polarization diversity
  • Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)
  • Data Encryption and Security

Internal & External Interfaces

  • Analog Input/Output Interfaces, ADCs and DACs
  • Digital Input/Output Interfaces like GPIO, serial interfaces, MIL-STD-1553 or ARINC 429
  • Communication Interfaces Ethernet, serial communication (RS-232, RS-485), CAN , ARINC 664
  • Memory Interfaces like NAND/NOR flash, SD card slots for non-volatile storage, and DDR
  • RF interfaces - antennas, RF connectors, and specialized modulation/demodulation techniques
  • Power supply and distribution within the telemetry system
  • Avionics Interfaces and protocols like MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, ARINC 664

General Features

  • S-Band based transmission programmable frequency from 2.2 – 2.4 GHz
  • Signal conditioning electronics for external interfaces
  • Digital filter for all sensor and electrical channels
  • Electrical, Sensors, Analog
  • Optical and Analog isolation
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery packs

Industrial Designs

  • Rugged enclosures catering to defense and aerospace applications
  • Air Flow-Through, Conduction Cooled, Air Conduction Cooled, Liquid Cooled
  • Material science management
  • CAD modeling with 3D thermal and structural analysis
  • Design for manufacturability


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Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Data Acquisition Systems to collect, process and transmit flight, engine, and Actuator parameters from remote locations to a central control station.

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Video Telemetry Modules

Video telemetry modules for the real-time transmission of video and related data from military platforms to a receiving station or control centre.

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Data Processing Systems

Sub-systems to perform computations, data manipulation, filtering, and other operations on the acquired data to extract meaningful information or to prepare it for transmission.

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Transmission Modules

Telemetry data transmission modules that send the processed data from the source location to the destination, using various communication methods such as Wi-Fi, cellular, radio-frequency, satellite, etc.

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Telemetry Encoders

Telemetry Encoders to convert analog/digital signals from sensors into a format suitable for transmission over a telemetry system. Our designs optimize signal conversion, data conditioning & compression and ensure protocol compliance.

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Miniature Telemetry Modules

Light-weight, rechargeable, battery-operated telemetry modules with built-in S-band Transmitter and Digital Data Processing that help capture velocity and direction data of UAVs, Projectiles, Parachutes, etc.

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HMI/User Interface

Advanced HMI to interact with the telemetry system, view real-time or historical data, configure settings, and monitor the system's status.