Rugged, highly durable, airborne telemetry solutions for Aircrafts, Parachutes, Projectiles and Space applications.


Telemetry is a remote sensing technique wherein parameters such as velocity, altitude, temperature, etc. are measured, and the results transmitted to a distant station where they are displayed, recorded and analyzed. The transmission media for telemetry solutions may be air, space, copper wire or fiber cable, depending on the application.

Telemetry modules and solutions gather and process critical information on-board spacecrafts, aircrafts, projectiles and UAVs. Mistral provides custom engineering services for designing airborne telemetry solutions compliant with IRIG 106, Class 2 specifications that support a variety of video, data and command & control link needs that meet all perquisite environment and performance requirements.

The airborne telemetry solutions are built to function under the most severe conditions of defense and aerospace applications. We design telemetry solutions that record and transmit data to remote receiving stations on the ground which process and display it for further analysis and decision-making.




Data acquisition, processing and transmission of flight, engine and Actuator parameters

Interfaces to data recorders

Video Telemetry


Miniature battery-operated Telemetry

Modules with built-in S-band Transmitter

Digital Data Processing


Multi-stage data acquisition and transmission

Captures temperature, vibration, stress
and pressure parameters


For capturing velocity and direction data

Light-weight, rechargable

Design and Development

Finite state machines implemented on FPGA, no microprocessor involved

Modulation Techniques

Digital: BPSK, QPSK

Analog: PCM, PAM

Analog multiplexed systems with Anti-aliasing filters, A/D converters and programmable digital filters

Crosstalk elimination

Flexible sample rates

Simultaneous, Over/Super Sampling Methods

Error correction techniques

IIR and FIR Digital filters

S-Band based transmission programmable frequency from 2.2 – 2.4 GHz, with a resolution of 0.1 MHz

Rechargeable Li-ion battery packs

Internal & External Interfaces

Signal conditioning electronics for external interfaces

Electrical, sensors, Analog

Optical and analog isolation

12-bit resolution for all sensor and electrical channels

Digital filter for all sensor and electrical channels

Transient protection provided on all sensor and electrical channels

Serial Interfaces

RS 232, RS 422, UART, MIL1553B, ARINC-429 and Ethernet