Naval Systems

Solutions for ship and naval electronics ranging from Ship RADARS, Control Systems, wide-area surveillance, training and simulation.


Mistral offers design and development services for building complex and integrated sub-systems for a wide range on naval systems like data acquisition and processing, network and data distribution, surveillance, multi-function consoles, Weapon Control and Master Controller.

With over 20 years of experience in system engineering, system integration, digital architectures, data acquisition, sensors, and communications, Mistral helps customers build flexible, modular and scalable naval electronics sub-systems that meet any operational requirement on-board vessels and vehicles for naval and coastal applications.

Our team’s expertise lies in architecting, designing, building and deploying customized Naval Electronics solutions that integrate multi-vendor COTS, custom software development, board design and FPGA design followed by test, validation and environmental qualification. Mistral can either complement your engineering team, or design the complete naval electronics sub-system to suit your exact specifications.


Hardware Design

VME and VPX based Data/Video Acquisition, Distribution and Signal Processing System

SBCs and DSPs for multi-channel acoustic Data Acquisition and Processing

128/256 channel systems with synchronization of all the channels

Multi-channel data recorders in VME and VPX form factor

sFPDP, Gigabit Ethernet, 10GbE, and Analog I/O

Rugged networked data storage solutions

Solid-state: SATA, DTS-NAS

Rotating Media: SATA, SBOD, NAS

Software Development

Qt based application development for Control and display for Data processing, tracking and plotting

Networked system for high resolution graphical display

Waterfall, multiple waterfall, Color-code frequency-time, plan position indicator displays

Real-time and playback display option

VxWorks and Linux BSP and driver development for various I/O devices

Integration of beam forming and gain algorithms

System Integration

Multi-function consoles / Rugged Video Mission Displays with simultaneous video feed

Environmental compliance as per JSS55555, MIL STD 810D/G and MIL STD 461E

ATE test set-up