Single Board Computers

Single Board Computers

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description
VPX3-673 CMOSS A-PNT & Radial Clock LRM VPX 3U NXP

The VPX3-673 from Curtiss-Wright is a specialized single-board computer and timing card designed to provide assured position, navigation and timing in difficult environment.

VPX3-1707 Single Board Computer with NXP ARM LX2160 VPX 3U ARM

The VPX3-1707 is an OpenVPX™ compliant 3U single board computer (SBC) offering incredible processing capability at remarkably low power.


Safety-certifiable SBC from Curtiss-Wright that offers advanced I/O capabilities, high-density computing in the smallest standard form factor with the lowest power possible.

VPX3-1703 VPX/OpenVPX 3U NXP

High Performance 3U OpenVPX, DO-254 / DO-178C safety-certifiable SBC built around NXP Layerscape LS1043A ARM quad-core A53 processor with advanced I/O capabilities

VPX3-1260, 3U VPX Intel SBC, 3U VPX Intel Xeon Coffee Lake SBC VPX3-1260 3U VPX Intel Xeon Coffee Lake SBC VPX/OpenVPX 3U INTEL

Rugged 3U OpenVPX Single Board Computer (SBC) featuring 8th Gen Intel Xeon processor with integrated graphics to deliver a fully-featured, all-in-one processing solution.

XMC-109, Mezzanine Single Board Computers XMC-109 XMC 3U NXP

XMC SBC with NXP Power Architecture P2020 Processor provides a highly integrated processing node designed for applications where low power with dual-core performance is a requirement.

VPX6-1959 Single Board Computer VPX6-1959 VPX/OpenVPX 6U INTEL

Rugged, high-performance 6U OpenVPX Intel Core i7 Broadwell Single Board Computer (SBC) excels in harsh environments, making it ideal for architecting high-performance computing and processing systems.

VPX6-1958, OpenVPX Single Board Computer VPX6-1958 VPX/OpenVPX 6U INTEL

6U VPX Intel Core i7 Haswell SBC supports a wide range of operating systems including Linux (Fedora and RHEL), VxWorks, Microsoft Windows Embedded 7 and LynxOS.

VPX6-187 VPX Single Board Computer VPX6-187 VPX/OpenVPX 6U NXP

6U VPX SBC with NXP Power Architecture P4040/4080 Processor is targeted at the challenging data and digital signal-processing needs of tactical aircraft, armored vehicles, and harsh environment naval systems.

VPX6-185 NXP Single Board Computer VPX6-185 VPX/OpenVPX 6U NXP

6U VPX SBC with Dual NXP Power Architecture 8640 Processors provides high-performance VPX processing and a long list of features and I/O interfaces to satisfy the most demanding requirements of embedded computing.

VPX3-150, 3U VPX SBC, 3U VPX Single Board Computer VPX3-150 VPX/OpenVPX 3U NXP

3U VPX SBC with NXP Power Architecture P5020 Processor is a rugged, highly integrated, small form factor COTS module for applications requiring DO-254 & DO-178 Safety Certifiable solution.

VPX3-133, 3U VPX Power Architecture Single Board Computer VPX3-133 VPX/OpenVPX 3U NXP

3U VPX SBC with NXP Power Architecture T2080 Processor is up to the challenging task of delivering high density computing that packs the greatest functionality into the smallest standard form factor.

VPX3-131, OpenVPX Power Architecture VPX3-131 VPX/OpenVPX 3U NXP

3U VPX Single Board Computer (SBC) with NXP Power Architecture P4080 is an extensive I/O and INTEGRITY, LynxOS, Linux, and VxWorks support provides a highly capable processing platform for a wide range of rugged, embedded military and aerospace applications.

VPX3-1259, Intel Single Board Computer VPX3-1259 VPX/OpenVPX 3U INTEL

3U VPX Intel Core i7 Broadwell SBC with up to 32 GB of high speed SATA flash memory, is ideal for handling complex applications with demanding sensor processing requirements, or high speed data processing, logging and storage needs.

VPX3-1258, 3U VPX Intel Core i7 Single Board Computer, Intel Single Board Computer VPX3-1258 VPX/OpenVPX 3U INTEL

3U OpenVPX high-performance Single Board Computer (SBC) featuring the 4th Gen Intel Core i7 (Haswell) processor supports 8-lanes of configurable PCIe fabric, offering NTB and powerful DMA capabilities.

VME-194B Single Board Computer, VME SBC based on NXP's QorIQ P2020 VME-194B VME 6U NXP

6U VME SBC with NXP Power Architecture QorIQ P2020 Processor is designed for applications where low power with dual-core performance is a requirement and is supported by INTEGRITY, Linux and VxWorks software.

VME-186 Single Board Computer VME-186 VME 6U NXP

VME SBC with NXP Power Architecture P4040/4080 Processor is designed to meet the challenging data processing and control requirements for embedded systems in tactical aircraft, armored vehicles and harsh environment naval systems.

VME-183 Single Board Computer VME-183

VME SBC with NXP Power Architecture MPC7447A/7448 Processor is available in a full range of environmental build grades and provides an ideal platform for general purpose computing. VME-1908/B VME 6U INTEL

Low-cost, high performance, high speed DDR3 memory 6U VME Single Board Computer based on the 4th Generation Core i7 "Haswell" Processor, with VxWorks 6.9, WES7, LynxOS, and Fedora Core BSPs.

Intel SBC, Intel Atom SBC Intel ATOM SBC (Intel SBC) VPX/OpenVPX 6U INTEL

6U VITA-46 VPX Intel SBC (Intel ATOM SBC) based on E640T Intel ATOM Processor provides high-performance, low power architecture with various I/O capabilities.


A Quad Power Architecture Digital Signal Processing Engine that utilizes the 6U VPX-REDI format with eight NXP Power Architecture MPC8641 processor cores (four 8640D dual-core processors).