Mobile Surveillance Vehicles

Custom built for law and order control, emergency/disaster
management and tactical security operations

Integrated Communication System

Sophisticated communication and coordination solution
for tactical operations

Handheld Mesh Radios

Adhoc Handheld Mesh Radios creating dynamic, self-forming, self-healing network

Video Synopsis Software

Compress hours of video into minutes for quick
review and analysis


Mistral offers a variety of solutions for Homeland Security requirements like Emergency Response Management, Command and Control Solutions, Video Analytics, Traffic Management, Mobile Surveillance Vehicle, Disaster Management and Border Surveillance for Police and Para-Military.

Our Homeland Security solutions enable the government to upgrade and modernize their set-up and systems, with the latest technology and equipment. These solutions provide the information in real time, enabling quick and rapid decision making.

Mobile C4ISR Platforms

Easy to deploy Mobile Surveillance Vehicles for police,
paramilitary and special forces

Master Control Room

Ideal platform for law and order control,
accident relief or emergency response management

Tactical Communications

Integrated Communication solution enabling reliable, jam-resistant
and encrypted information exchange among teams/forces