Embedded Linux

Comprehensive set of Embedded Linux services from drivers to applications for product development companies across the world.


Mistral’s range of Embedded Linux Services include porting, device driver and BSP development for Linux variants like Embedded Linux, Yocto Linux, Ubuntu, Embedded Linux application development on various ARM, PowerPC and x86 platforms.

With 20+ years of experience in Embedded Linux driver development, Mistral’s delivers custom built Embedded Linux Drivers and BSPs that cater to the needs different industries and domains including Wearables, Infotainment, Home automation, Industrial automation, Medical Electronics, Assistive Technology, Defense and Aerospace among others.


  • Porting Linux, X-Windows, GTK, QT and KDE to ARM, PowerPC, MIPS and x86 based hardware
  • Linux boot-loader for various architecture BSP development for Embedded Linux, Yocto
  • Embedded Linux Drivers and BSP; other Linux variants BSPs and Device Drivers
  • Peripheral Integration for various type of interfaces including high-speed and low speed interconnects
  • Graphics and multi-media hardware accelerator
  • Integrate various peripheral devices to the Linux based GUI system


Range of Embedded Linux services on Yocto and other Linux platforms


  • Case Study

    Designing a POM for health and wellness application

  • Case Study

    Development of a Portable Barcode Scanner for visually impaired

  • Product Brief

    820 Nano SOM based on Qualcomm SnapDragon SD820 SoC

  • Product Brief

    i.MX6 Nano SOM based on Dual/Quad i.MX6 SoC from NXP

  • Whitepaper

    Different aspects of HW-SW co-design with respect to embedded product design

  • Software Download

    Linux Demo Image for AM437x PoM