PoM for Health Monitoring Device Designs

This case study showcases Mistral’s expertise in building small form factor, powerful Health Monitoring Device Designs for medical application.

Mistral’s expertise in designing intelligent and powerful platforms for designs across domains Health Monitoring Device Designs, Health ad Wellness Applicationlike wearable electronics, medical and assistive technology, home automation, industrial automation, infotainment and biometric helped in realizing the customer’s vision of the platform.

The Requirement

To build a small form factor, powerful Health Monitoring Device Designs with a host of sensors to detect and monitor vital health statistics like temperature, blood pressure, heart rate/blood oxygen level and footstep counts. The development of the Health Monitoring Device Designs also included an Android application to display the readings captured by the PoM on a standard Android phone/tablet.

Health Monitoring Device Designs

Mistral designed a small footprint, battery operated Product on Module (PoM) built around an ARM Cortex M3 based MCU consisting of a base board and a pluggable application module with I/O features like I2C, SPI and Op-Amp connections which were interfaced to sensors. The dual Health Monitoring Device Designsboard architecture is a modular approach making it convenient to customize the Health Monitoring Device according to end application and requirements. An additional pluggable NFC card was included to establish authenticated auto Bluetooth connection with an NFC capable tablet/phone.

Mistral designed the complete Health Monitoring Device Designs consisting of hardware, firmware, integrated sensors and the android application.

The Product on Module is built around an ARM Cortex M3 based MCU with a range of cutting edge features and interfaces. To know more read full case study.

The Challenges

  • As the product on module is a portable device, longevity of the battery had to
    be ensured. Mistral’s engineering team analyzed the Bluetooth 4.0 Beacon
    signals to evaluate accurate power consumption pattern of the Wellness
    PoM achieving continuous operation of up to 35 hours.
  • The module involved a new type of memory LCD interface which has
    power saving capabilities. Rendering of the display for power saving was a
  • For reliable communication between the Android device displaying the
    parameters and the wellness product on module, Standard BT profiles had
    to be customized for transfer of medical application data.

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