Quality Assurance Services

ISO 9001:2008 and CEMILAC certified Quality Assurance (QA) services catering to FCC/CE, DO178B, DO-178B/C, DO-254 and DO-160 standards for Lifestyle, Consumer Electronics, Defense and Aerospace applications.


Mistral adopts innovative approaches throughout the entire quality process with fully integrated Testing, Verification and Validation services to ensure high usability, performance and quality assurance while releasing new products and devices.

Mistral’s Product Quality Assurance services (QA Services) are modeled as per the project requirements (e.g. Prototype, Spiral, Iterative, V Model, Agile) and the independent testing and validation team participates in all phases of the project, such as formal technical reviews, audits, carrying out different levels of testing like White box, Black box, System testing and assist during certification process.

Test automation solutions are regularly built and deployed by the team to help execute tests in an automated manner, thereby considerably reducing execution cycle-time. Our Quality Assurance services include an independent review of the developed test solutions by the QA team to ensure that the project requirements are correctly implemented.


  • Independent review of Requirements, Design, Source Code
  • Unit Testing i.e. White Box Testing
  • Hardware-Software Integration Testing
  • System Testing i.e. Black Box Testing
  • Test Automation solutions to reduce test cycle-time significantly, carry out effectively and efficiently stress, performance tests; detect defects in early part of lifecycle
  • Test Documentation
  • Certification and Liaison


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    Portable Desktop Magnifier for low vision

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    Developing a Software Test Automation Framework

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    Small-footprint Hands-free Headset with 15 inch Virtual Display

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    Digital Receiver System for Multi Object Tracking Radar