High-performance DO-160, DO-178, DO-254 and ARINC 661
compliant Airborne Systems


Airborne Systems are a set of complex components of modern Aircraft while Avionics Software Development is considered one of the most critical aspects of building these complex systems. Airborne Systems enable crucial functionalities of communication, navigation, imaging and flight control, among other key flight functions. Mistral offers cutting-edge avionics software development services and embedded airborne electronics essential to the design and operation of modern airborne systems. 

Airborne Systems

Airborne Systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated leveraging the powerful capabilities of advanced embedded computing technologies, avionics software, airborne sensors and the significant improvements in SWaP in recent years. The growing demand for lightweight electronics and systems is driving OEMs and system integrators to develop materials and technologies that help reduce the weight of airborne systems. Mistral Solutions is a leading provider of design and development services for airborne systems for the aerospace and defense industries. We provide end-to-end design, development and system engineering services for cutting-edge Airborne Electronics systems that address the Size, Weight, Performance, and Ruggedization needs of the Aerospace Industry. Mistral keeps abreast of the rapidly evolving Airborne technologies and offers state-of-the-art airborne systems and resilient Avionics Software Development services that meet the stringent requirements of DO-178B/C (for software systems), DO-254 (for Hardware Systems), and ARINC 661 standards.

Mistral possesses unparalleled expertise in Airborne Systems Design with specialized knowledge and skills in designing and developing systems for airborne applications. Our expertise encompasses areas such as structural design, Airborne electronics, avionics integration, and mission-specific requirements. Our Avionics Software Development capabilities ensure safe, efficient, and optimized performance of airborne systems, including systems for aircraft, drones, and other aerial platforms.

Airborne Systems Design

Mistral is your partner of choice to design and develop state-of-the-art airborne systems and avionics software for high-end aerospace and defense applications. With 25+ years of experience in video, communication and rugged airborne systems and avionics software development, our defense engineering team brings in core expertise in architecting, designing, building and deploying customized airborne systems and sub-systems that integrate multi-vendor COTS, board design, FPGA design and custom avionics software development followed by test, validation and environmental qualification.

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective airborne electronics that meet their unique requirements. Our team of experts has a proven track record of delivering successful projects for some of the world’s largest aerospace and defense organizations.

Avionics Software Development

A major percentage of the complexity in present day Airborne Electronics systems is handled at the software-level, during the Avionics Software Development activity. Aircraft rely upon avionics software to perform numerous commands every second. A robust and failproof Avionics Software Development method is critical as the software perform all flight activities from take-off to landing. Any drawback in Avionics Software Development or the Avionics Software of safety-critical Airborne Electronics could be catastrophic. Avionics Software Development is quite challenging and complex, as it involves a stringent plan-driven development process, in compliance with DO-178, DO-254 and ARINC661 standards for Airborne Systems. Mistral offers advanced and highly reliable Avionics Software Development Services that meet the stringent requirements of DO-178B/C and ARINC 661 standards.

Mistral is a leading supplier of Airborne Systems and high end Avionics Software for Defense R&D Organizations in India. Our expertise include System Engineering and Avionics Software Development for communication, navigation, flight control, and other complex and crucial functionalities of modern aircraft. Mistral’s Avionics Software Development team has unparalleled experience and expertise in providing complex software, which is highly reliant and based on a proven development process.

Our Aerospace and Defense team has extensive experience in building complex, integrated airborne systems, sub-systems and Avionics Software Development for a wide array of applications. These include Airborne Electronics and Airborne systems like Beam Steering, Fire Control Systems, Engine Control, Auto Pilot, Mission Computers, Video Telemetry and other Data Acquisition and monitoring systems among others.

From single PCB board to entire sub-systems, Mistral offers a range of design and development services for building Airborne systems. Mistral’s Avionics Software Development Services cater to DO-160, DO-178, DO-254 and ARINC661 standards for airborne systems. Mistral’s design services cater to the exact specifications and requirements of your Airborne Systems. We can either complement your engineering team, or design the complete airborne systems and offer failproof Avionics Software Development Services.

The growing demand for high-efficiency military aircraft, commercial airbuses and the ever-evolving Aerospace and Defense requirements are driving the demand for next-gen airborne systems. Air transportation OEMs and and aviation organizations across the globe have been striving to build next-generation Airborne systems to make flying more reliable, predictable, and safer. Know about our Avionics Software Development Services and design services for robust and DO-178 / DO-254 complied Airborne Systems.


Mistral has unparalleled expertise in designing airborne systems that comply with rigorous airborne safety standards. With a deep understanding of regulations such as DO-178C, DO-254, and DO-160G, Mistral ensures the development of robust and reliable airborne systems. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, meticulous attention to safety standards, and a commitment to innovation, Mistral delivers tailored solutions that meet the highest levels of safety and performance for a wide range of airborne applications.

Avionics Software Development

  • DO-178B compliant avionics software development
  • VxWorks/LynxOS based systems
  • Implementation and integration of DSP algorithms
  • Customizing of media, display, overlay, storage and HMI framework
  • Testing & Validation
  • Software IV&V compliant to DO-178B for Airborne electronics
  • CEMILAC certified independent testing and validation

Hardware Design

  • Multi-processor/ Multi board solutions on VME/VPX architecture
  • High-speed Digital and Mixed signal Hardware design for Acquisition systems
  • FPGA/DSP/GPGPU Signal Processing platform
  • Qualified LRUs complying to JSS55555, MIL-STD810F and MIL-STD 461E
  • Application Specific development of Hardware boards and Power Supplies
  • SWaP efficient Airborne Electronics designs

System Integration

  • Low weight, low power Airborne Systems
  • Active Array Antenna Unit and Controller
  • Electronic Bean Steering Unit
  • Monitoring and Analysis Receivers
  • High-speed Data Recorders
  • Integrated HMI and Displays

Industrial Design

  • Rugged enclosures conforming to Airborne Standards
  • Air Flow-Through, Conduction Cooled, Air Conduction Cooled, Liquid Cooled
  • Material science management
  • CAD modeling with 3D thermal and structural analysis
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Wire harness


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Early Warning & Control

AEW&C Systems and subsystems designs integrating modern technologies to gather crucial intelligence and deliver superior situational awareness. With advanced signal processing and communication networks, our solutions enable Network-centric warfare and advanced surveillance.

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Auto Pilot & Mission Computers

Safety Certifiable Auto Pilot & Mission Computers that combine precision control and advanced computing capabilities to revolutionize aircraft operations with unparalleled performance, reliability, real-time data processing, enabling higher safety and efficiency.

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Flight Display Systems

Flight Display System designs that comply with safety standards like DO-178C, DO-254, DO-160G, DO-178C, DO-311 to ensure the highest level of operational reliability and safety. Our designs redefine cockpit visuals, providing pilots with clear, intuitive, and real-time information.

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Flight Control Units

Advanced, redundant Flight Control Unit designs that help optimize aircraft performance and enhance stability and maneuverability. Our cutting-edge designs integrate avionics, sensors, and control algorithms to interpret pilot input and adjust control surfaces precisely.

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Navigation Systems

Airborne Navigation Systems utilizing GPS, INS, etc. to provide accurate position, heading, and speed information to the pilot. The system interacts with flight control and manages the aircraft's flight path, stability, and control surfaces, ensuring safe and precise maneuverability.

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Radar Signal Processors

Advanced Airborne Radar Signal Processors for modern radar systems that process the signals received by the radar antenna, extract relevant information from the returned echoes, and present it in a usable format to the radar operator or an onboard computer system.