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Lattice Device based Solutions

Our competency on the Lattice Tool chains and FPGA Architecture aids our customers realize cutting edge products based on Lattice platforms and reduce time to market.
Mistral has expertise on various Lattice platforms that includes general-purpose devices such as Certus-NX, ECP5, ECP3, LatticeXP2;
Video bridging and processing devices such as CrossLink-NX, CrossLinkPlus, CrossLink and ultra-low power iCE40 series of devices.
Our services include,

  • Carrier Boards
  • Camera and Radar sensor fusion solutions based on TI mmWave Sensors
  • Designs based on Lattice CrossLink-NX, CrossLinkPlus, CrossLink, Certus-NX,
    ECP5, ECP3, LatticeXP2, iCE40 devices
  • Custom IP and logic design using
    Verilog/VHDL targeted to Lattice FPGAs
  • Lattice FPGA IPs based turnkey solutions

SensAI based Solutions

Lattice SensAI stack provides everything you need to evaluate, develop and deploy FPGA-based Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions.
Mistral’s expertise on CrossLink-NX, ECP5 / ECP5-5G and iCE40 UltraPlus platforms enable us offer highly flexible machine learning solutions
for a wide range of Edge applications including portable gadgets, smart home, smart city, Industry 4.0, Autonomous Cars, etc.

  • CSI to LVDS Bridge
  • Lattice Crosslink based solution
  • Reference Designs
  • Industrial Control Applications
  • Test systems to monitor the failure points of Automotive parts
    using camera-based data.
  • Migrate ML/DL functions into Lattice FPGA
    through CNN compact accelerator

Embedded Vision Solutions

Mistral can help customers develop embedded vision solutions for futuristic Industrial display systems ideal for M2M applications,
implementation of Industry 4.0, ADAS and infotainment applications.
We help our customers create power-efficient solutions for Embedded Vision Processing at the Edge.

  • Sensor Integration/Bridging Solutions
  • MIPI CSI and DSI based Solutions
  • ISP implementation on Lattice FPGAs
  • Proof of Concept Development
  • PoC to Custom Solution Development
  • Solutions based on HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit

Custom Design Services

We offer a wide array of product design, custom hardware design and
software development services on Lattice Devices and Platforms

  • Proof of Concept & Product Design
  • Hardware Design
  • FPGA Logic Design and Testing
  • Firmware and BSP
  • ML/DL Algorithm Development and Integration
  • Product Sustenance Services


Edge Camera Solutions

Machine Learning

Machine Vision

Smart Home

Medical Electronics


Virtual Reality systems




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