Adoption of DevOps methodologies in product development
to minimize costs, increase efficiency and accelerate
the product release process



DevOps are a set of practices and methodologies that combines software development, quality assurance and IT operations. DevOps aim to shorten the system development cycle while ensuring unified delivery with high software quality. DevOps complements the Agile development process as many of the DevOps aspects came from Agile methodology.

Mistral’s DevOps driven solutions ensure clear communication, integration and automation using DevOps tools, CI/CD processes, and practices needed to accelerate the product delivery. Our DevOps apply agile driving processes to help automate infrastructure, streamline operations, as well as facilitate Infra/Dev/Ops/QA/Security communication. With over two decades of experience in embedded product design and development, we offer development and operations practices that are industry-validated and based on modern industry standards.

As part of Our DevOps methodology we build a development process plan in consultation with our experts and key stakeholders from your team to leverage our strong ecosystem of open source and proprietary tools at every stage of agile development. With Mistral’s market-validated CI/CD practices, customers are assured of feature-rich product development that adhere to delivery timelines.


  • Plan for resources and the required infrastructure setup
  • Resource scaling roadmap based on development timelines and progress


Development process using DevOps methodology