UI/UX, HMI Software Development

HMI Software Applications are at the heart of the digital era, with relationship between humans and machines being constantly redefined and companies are find ways to effectively fuse engineering disciplines and the human experience.


Mistral has an established team of highly skilled UI/UX designers who are capable of implementing immersive, responsive and optimized UI/UX HMI Applications. Mistral’s Creative and Intuitive Application Development Services take into consideration the specifics of input and HMI (remote controller, knobs, touch gestures, etc) and end-device responsiveness.

Our HMI software development capabilities include GUI development and UX design for various form factors. Some of our HMI capabilities include synchronization and collection of data from devices, developing data oriented apps and developing backend platform for hosting data oriented applications on cloud.

Our designers work closely with the hardware and software team to optimize and deploy the right designs to suit the right hardware.


  • Android based touch display systems
  • Linux QT based displays
  • Character LCD displays
  • HDMI interfaces
  • Industrial touch panels
  • UI controls, Custom Controls and ActiveX controls


Robust, flexible creative and intutive HMI Software Development Services using the latest technologies


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    Small-footprint Hands-free Headset with 15 inch Virtual Display

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